Examples of ENTJ Anime Characters

Welcome! As you may know by now, Wednesday’s Random Rants has been replaced by this series of posts about the MBTI types of anime characters. I’ll go back to doing Random Rants once all 16 types are covered. ENTJs have plenty of confidence, sharp minds, strong wills, the desire to lead, and the ability to inspire others. On the flipside, they can be impatient, critical, arrogant, stubborn, and ruthless. And without further ado, here are 16 randomly selected ENTJ anime characters.

Balalaika (Black Lagoon)

She is a strong, no-nonsense leader willing to do anything to move herself and her people ahead, silence incompetents, and destroy enemies.

Erwin Smith (AoT)

He is the closest you’ll see to a perfect example of a mature, adult ENTJ in anime. Sometimes called a demon, Erwin will use even the most costly and risky plans to achieve his ambitions and help humanity. He’s highly intelligent, innovative, charismatic, and resolute.

Gilgamesh (Fate/Zero)

His main ENTJ trait is his overflowing confidence and need to be the leader/king. Also like an ENTJ, he’s bold, smart, and not held back by tradition, propriety, or idealistic values. The one unshakeable value of Gilgamesh is his belief in his superiority.

Hakaze (Blast of Tempest)

She is a great example of an ENTJ who isn’t “evil” and has a very cute and “feminine” side. Hakaze is a princess determined to succeed, secure power, and lead her people. She’s self-confident and bright, but can be impatient with others.

Isabella (The Promised Neverland)

You’ll understand just how smart and determined this character is by watching The Promised Neverland. Her social and mothering skills along with her desire to give the children stress-free lives are what makes her more of an (E)NTJ than an (I)NTJ.

Kazuki (Plastic Memories)

Kazuki is included here because she’s probably the best example of a “normal” ENTJ, not especially ambitious, just the boss of a small business unit. She still has all the usual ENTJ traits, including being slightly devious and intimidating.

Kirari (Kakegurui)

Kirari is mostly a “socially acceptable sociopath” who doesn’t break the law but essentially has no moral values and believes herself superior to everyone else. It should go without saying, but most ENTJs in real life are not sociopaths; they’re just a lot more self-assured than the average jane, and they aren’t afraid to break a few rules to secure the best end.

Light Yagami (Death Note)

If Erwin is the best example of a mature and admirable ENTJ, Light is the best example of a petty and childish ENTJ — albeit frighteningly smart and driven. Given the well-deserved fame of Death Note, I don’t think I need to explain him any further here.

Mori Ogai (Bungou Stray Dogs)

You could argue that Mori an INTJ because he’s more private and introverted than the others on this list. Besides that, he’s the typical ENTJ antagonist who’s somehow slightly admirable as a leader and not purely evil. Also, I think this character is hella sexy.

Nami (One Piece)

Many are of the opinion that she’s an E(S)TJ, and of course, there’s no way to know for sure a fictional character’s type. So if you want to think of her as ESTJ, that’s just fine. I’ve seen only about 80 episodes of One Piece, but in these early arcs before the time skip, Nami seems ENTJ to me. She’s more NT (intiutive thinker/ innovator) than SJ (sensing judger/ sentinal), imho.

Nanami Touko (Bloom into You)

Much like Kazuki, but younger, Touko is a great example of a “normal” ENTJ.

Nona (Death Parade)

She’s a fun and good-natured ENTJ who is also interested in becoming the next god.

Rimuru Tempest (That time I got Reincarnated as a slime)

Rimuru is wonderful for proving the point that there are unusually compassionate and patient ENTJ characters. Rimuru almost seems more like an ENFJ, except that when it comes down to it, logic drives his/their decisions more than personal values.

Roy Mustang (FMA: Bro)

Let me go ahead and admit I’m one of those anime heretics who’s never paid much attention to Roy because I never found him all that likeable or amusing. I don’t dislike him, either, but I haven’t studied his character. Roy is an ENTJ according to the website Personality Database.

Squealer/Yakomaru (Shin Sekai Yori)

He’s another classic ENTJ anime antagonist who can’t help but understand and, in a way, admire. Squealer’s goals are noble, but he’ll do literally anything to achieve them, even if it means ending the “human” race. (I say “human” because the humans in Shinsekai Yori aren’t the same as the humans of the past, having changed themselves genetically and with magic Cantus Power.)

Togame (Katanagatari)

She’s extraverted, intuitive, thinking, and judging, the definition of an ENTJ.

The following are also ENTJ characters: Ami from Toradora, Angela Blanc in Black Butler, Charles vi Britannia of Code Geass, Fumito from Blood-C, Haruka Hasegawa in Moyashimon, Medusa from Soul Eater, Olivier Mira Armstrong of FMA: Brotherhood, Satou in Ajin, Kiri of Konohana Kitan, Francis Fitzgerald from Bungou Stray Dogs, and Yuri Nakamura from Angel Beats. Thank you for reading this post and I hope it was interesting and/or useful. See you next time!

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12 thoughts on “Examples of ENTJ Anime Characters

  1. Light is an INTJ, he can be good when treating with others, but just for strategy. He prefers to work alone. I am a INTP and that don´t means that I am alone all time, just that I need to be alone some of the time. It is true that he takes some really high risks to complete his targets, but I think that he is also a psycho, apart from an INTJ.

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    1. You know Nami better than me so thanks for the correction. However, I would appreciate if you stopped posting links to your site all over my comment sections. Sorry, but it’s a place for discussion and reactions, not promotion.


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