I started Anime Rants in late March 2019. The blog is made up of the following content: anime series reviews, episode reviews, posts containing analyses and insights into anime series, posts containing lists, and some random rants about anime, and anime topics, trends, or themes. This is is the schedule I have in mind as of July 9th, 2019.

Weekly Features

Anime Review: a Tuesday special feature that reviews one complete anime series/ season
Example: “Oregairu Review”

Random Rants: a Wednesday special feature for ranting about anime or related topics.
For example: “Siblings in Anime”

Thoughtful Thursday: a special feature where I may write any of the following:
analyses of themes or characters, comparative analyses, and shorter posts
with insightful looks into anime series, episodes, single themes, or topics.
For Example: “Themes in Soul Eater”

Sunday’s Select Seven: a special feature where I compile a list of seven items.
For Example: “7 Psychological Anime”, or “7 Reasons I love Higurashi,” or “7 Favorite lolitas.”

These weekly posts will be posted at 9:00am USA EDT.

Episode Reviews (Summer 2019)

Mondays: Genome (The Ones Within) (Weekly), and Lord El-Melloi Case Files (Bi-weekly)

Tuesdays: Bem (Weekly)

Wednesdays: Are You Lost? (Bi-weekly)

Thursdays: Astra Lost in Space (weekly)

Fridays: Carole and Tuesday (weekly)

Saturdays: Fruits Basket 2019, Dr. Stone (Weekly) and Given (Bi-weekly)

Sundays: Granbelm (Weekly) and Fire Force (Bi-Weekly)

These episode reviews will be posted at 11am or 2pm US EDT.
(Subject to Occasional Delays)

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