About Anime Rants

Anime Rants is a blog focused on deep-dives into anime. Content includes psychological topics, exploration of story themes, and philosophy. There will sometimes be technical reviews, but the main emphasis is on analysis and discussion. Sometimes I go too deep for my own good, and sometimes my personal experiences color my writing, but I put my heart into what I write. This blog will provide thought-provoking content about anime from a unique perspective.

Author: 7Mononoke (Mono for short)

Semi-Regular Features

Random Rants:
A weekly post for ranting about anime, usually published Saturdays.
(Example: “Siblings in Anime”)

Thoughtful Thursday:
A special feature where I may write any of the following:
interesting discussions, analyses of series, themes, and characters, and shorter posts looking into single episodes, scenes, or themes in anime.
(Example: “Themes in Soul Eater”)

Sunday’s Select Seven:
A special feature where I compile a list of seven items related to anime.
(Examples: “7 Psychological Anime” or “7 Favorite lolitas”)

Episode Reviews

Currently covering 6 anime series from Winter 2023.

Helpful Links to Get Around The Site

30 Day Anime Challenge
This is an independent variation of the original (and superior) 30 Day Anime Challenge by Lynn Sheridan at Otaku Author.

A handy Menu for navigating my more analytical or thoughtful posts.

Anime MBTI
My series of posts that lists anime characters as MBTI (16 Personality) Types.

A nifty page to look through my posts based on the anime series they’re about.

Episode Reviews
Here you’ll find the weekly seasonal episode reviews I’ve written done thus far.

Any and all list entries, including Sundays Select.

This page contains links to fan fiction projects and a rant or two unrelated to anime.

Random Rants
These tend to be shorter and a bit more casual than the ones grouped under Analyses, but there may be some overlap here and there.

Series Reviews
Currently these are not very well organized, but fun to browse through.

These posts include tagging games, blogging updates, and blog awards.

Thanks for Reading, Friend.


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