Midnight Occult Episode 7 Impressions

What follows are a few unfiltered thoughts on episode 7, “Sense of Loss and Proof of Despair,” of Mayonaka no Occult Koumuin. Enjoy!

It was surprising that the usually rational-seeming Sakaki was really willing to negogiate with the demon, and even possibly give his life. He even put Arata in danger.

I found it funny when Kohaku escorted them to hell and kept saying “time to go to hell” or “hell is just up ahead.” It seems he really had no qualms about helping the demon, but he let Arata and company into the demon’s realm because it would be entertaining to see if they could escape. And as usual, I think Kohaku is sexy as can be. I now have a serious anime crush on him.

Azazel is from Hebrew and Islamic mythology, where he was an archangel who helped Moses and Aaron perform the scapegoat ceremony in Leviticus. Later on, he is treated as a fallen angel because he introduced forbidden knowledge to humans. (And we all know how Yahweh feels about giving knowledge to humans, lol!) In Midnight Occult, however, Azazel became a fallen angel because he fell in love with a human. She died, and now he’s resorting to evil methods to try to bring her back. Anyway, it’s always interesting to expand on my mythology knowledge!

I loved the quiet trumpet music at 9:40. Well, I don’t atually know if it’s a trumpet, but something from that class of instruments. There’s relatively a lot of brass, percussion, and plain piano in Midnight Occult. It’s a creative style a little different from the usual orchestral anime soundtracks.

The famous Cerberus from Greek mythology also appears in this episode. I’m surprised I’d never heard the myth about wolfsbane flowers growing from the drool of Cerberus. I’m usually all over any legend having to do with flowers. With Cerberus especially, but really all around, the art in this show still just kind of sucks. But I don’t mind too much. I enjoy it for other reasons.

The reunion of Sakaki and his siter felt a bit forced or cliche, but one thing that was done extremely well was the reaction of the woman Azazel brought back to life. Her screams were so painful. It really sounded like someone in emotional agony. Whoever the voice actress is wins major respect from me. But I’m a bit disappointed Arata and the gang left her soul there with Azazel and went back to the human world. The demon clearly said he was going to do the same thing again and try to bring his woman back with another body. That’s going to create problems down the line. Or it might not, once this episode is done.

On the plus side, all the girls got the uses of their body parts back once Azazel “killed” the girl he had brought back to life. And for some reason that made pretty firefly lights fly all over the city. Onee-chan can see again. So yay, all’s well that’s ends well… but then there was the after credits scene. It looked like Azazel found a human girl in the modern era who looked just like the woman he loved from ages ago. I suspect he’ll go after her next.

Another enjoyable episode of Midnight Occult has come and gone. This season really seems to be flying by. I can’t wait for next week!

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