30 Day Challenge Day 22: Favorite Weapon in Anime

These are some favorite weapons in anime I thought of. Akame’s sword from Akame ga Kill, Rin’s sword from Blue Exorcist, Excalibur from the Fate series, Rena’s meat cleaver from Higurashi, Kino’s persuader guns from Kino’s Journey, Kurapika’s chains from Hunter x Hunter, Satsuki’s sword from Kill la Kill, Kyoko’s spear from Madoka Magica, the dominator guns in Psycho-Pass, and Balsa’s spear(s) in Seirei no Mioribito. That should be ten, but I have to pick only one and talk a little about it. I decided to go with Kurapika’s chains from HxH.

The chains Kurapika uses are conjured by the magical life energy called Nen. They are much stronger than ordinary chains, can be conjured up at any time and place, and can stop bullets. In addition, the chains have several abilities including Dowsing Chain, Chain Jail, Judgment Chain, Holy Chain, Steal Chain, Emperor Time, and Stealth Dolphin. I’ll describe a few.

Dowsing Chain allows him to find people’s locations, as well as functioning as lie detector. The Chain Jail les him trap people in his chains, regardless of how powerful they are. The Judgment Chain makes a nen chain tipped with a nen blade connect to someone’s heart. Then a demand or a rule is set. If the person whose heart is chained breaks the rule, the nen blade will stab their heart, killing them. There are six classes of nen user, and each user has affinities for a few of them. With Emperor Time chain activated, Kurapika’s nen classes are raised to 100% effiency. It means he can do more kinds of magic than before, and do them extremely well.

With their many abilities, Kurapika’s chains are amazing. They are mostly tailored, though, to help him in his one and only quest of avenging his clan that was wiped out by the Phantom Troupe. When asked why he wants to use chains as his ability, Kurapika says, “Because there is an evil that needs to be chained down to hell.” He is a tragic character, in a way, but Kurapika and his chains are also extremely impressive, powerful, and bad-ass.

(Note: I do not own the images in this post. Credit to creators and fan artsists.)

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