Bungou Stray Dogs S3 Episode 11 Review

(Warning: Spoilers for Bungou Stray Dogs S3 episode 11)

I meant to have this post up 24 hours ago, but what little “life” I have got in the way and I didn’t watch the episode till just a few hours ago. Hopefully I can get back on schedule now.

Brief Synopsis

Fukuzawa and Mori fight in the mansion, while we are shown flashbacks of their time together 12 years ago. Though his ability is disabled by powerful slashes from Fukuzawa, Mori “wins” by throwing a scalpel-like blade at an unexpected time and hitting his opponent in the neck. The mansion blows up due to a bomb set in advance, but the two combatants were both saved by Natsume-sensei, their retired and revered teacher of the ways of the underworld. Katai is there, too, having been saved form Fyodor. Natsume can turn into a cat, and by doing so slipped some information to Dazai about the enemy’s location.

(The man who was a teacher to Fukuzawa and Mori)

Dazai takes Kunikida, Atsushi, and Akutagawa to the mine where the enemy is hiding. Atsushi is surprised Akutagawa is willing to work together. They infiltrate the mine, and though there’s some trouble and a lot of tension along the way, they discover a secret door with super-elaborate security. Just then, Pushkin, the controller of the virus ability, appears and shoots Akutagawa. Atsushi tries to give chase to the fleeing Pushkin, but notices that the virus ability has activated on Akutagawa’s wound. Cliffhanger!

Thoughts on Story/Plot

(The Cannibal virus activates)

The plot-line in this third season of BSD feels all over the place to me. Even these last 3 episodes, all part of the “Cannibalism” Arc, haven’t felt very well-structured. The order of things doesn’t seem to flow naturally. There is also a lack of tension, suspense, and excitement compared to how I remember the last few episodes of season two. When Akutagawa was hit with the Cannibalism virus at the end, I was left wondering, “Will we have time to solve this?,” rather than, “This is exciting, how will it be resolved?” So the plot and pacing at this point are, well, not exactly boring, but less exciting than what I hoped for.

Art and Sound Notes

(Ah, utsukushii!)

The visual quality seemed better to me in this episode and the last one compared to several episodes in the middle of the season. As usual, it looks cool and stylized, with action sequences looking impressive, colorful, and explosive. I haven’t particularly noticed the instrumental OST much in this season, but the opening and ending songs are both pretty awesome. They may be my favorite OP and ED of the season.

Characters This Episode

(How is Kunikida really feeling?)

I’m irritated we didn’t get to see more of Kunikida and his thoughts. Since it turned out Katai wasn’t dead, he must have been relieved, but I’d think he’d be completely exhausted and emotionally broken because of everything he’s been through in the last day or so. First, that kid died in front of him. Then he heard that Fukuzawa had disappeared. And finally, he thought his friend of ten years was dead, only to find out that wasn’t true shortly after. When he’s driving Dazai, Atsushi, and Akutagawa to the mine, Kunikida looks tense, but still much more composed than I expected. We don’t get to hear his thoughts at all.

(Dazai’s handsome smirk)

I do love almost all the characters in this series. They are really something. Seeing some backstory for Fukuzawa and Mori was interesting. Atsushi and Akutagawa working together was a situation both suspenseful and funny. We met Natsume-sensei for the first time (that I remember), and he seemed very cool. I have to wonder what exactly he can do beyond carrying messages with his cat ability, but he must have great talents of mind, leadership, and combat if he trained Fukuzawa and Mori. It was good to see Katai alive, and Dazai back on his feet. (Because in anime, you only need around two days to recover from a bullet wound.)

Other Thoughts

(Atsushi, use your ability, fool!)

This episode annoyed me at two points with inconsistencies. First, instead of using his insanely powerful tiger legs, Atsushi chases Pushkin with his skinny little human legs. We literally just saw him being awesome as a weretiger a minute ago. Why can’t he do it now?

(How is he alive?)

Second, even for anime, Fukuzawa surviving after being stabbed in/near the carotid artery shattered all sense of believability. You get stabbed hit there in reality, you bleed out in under five minutes. In anime, maybe you’ll be able to survive half an episode, and you’re able to walk/ fight/ do something grand in your last few minutes. But apparently, Fukuzawa is immune to blood loss, and to suffocation from lungs flooded with blood. The leader of the Armed Detective Agency has some major plot armor!

What I Enjoyed Most

The moment I enjoyed most was probably when Atsushi sped past the guards and sensors in with the propelling speed of his tiger legs and agility. There was also the scene where Akutagawa is hyper-focused and answering all questions with a grim, “Yeah.”

(Atsushi: “What did you have for dinner?” Akutagawa: “Yeah.”)

I liked all the parts with Mori Ougai, who is my current male anime crush. Despite Fukuzawa being amazing too, and me usually rooting for the Detective Agency, it still felt awesome when Mori managed to get a blade in Fukuzawa’s neck. Mori is a clever SOB! And I like that? I’m evil, aren’t I? Well, I am in slytherin house, so maybe. That aside, thank you for reading and have a great morning! Ja ne!

(OH WOW! <3)

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