Carole and Tuesday Episode 22 Recap

Welcome. Here is a brief recap of the episode.

Crystal, the famous singer who showed up at the end of last episode, has agreed to do a collaboration with Carole and Tuesday for their Grammy Performance. She urges them to write a new song about hope in the changing, dark world, and after a while of trying, the girls succeed in making a song Crystal likes.

Meanwhile, Tao never came in response to Angela’s cry for help; he disappeared after his release on bail. Much to Angela’s grief, her mama Dahlia passes away not long after. She at least gets to tell Angela she loves her. It turns out Angela isn’t Dahlia’s real parent, since she couldn’t have children. Before dying, Dahlia says Angela was left in her care by professor Zeeman. If I’m supposed to know who that is, I don’t.

At the Grammies, Carole and Tuesday perform a strikingly beautiful song (called “After The Fire”) along with Crystal. Angela arrives just in time to sing after being given the Grammy for best new artist award. She sings a sad song, so of course I loved it. It’s my favorite Angela song, easily. I’ve already forgotten what the name of it is and my head hurts too much to go find it. Immediately after finishing her song, Angela passes out. Another very beautiful song plays as she is rushed to the hospital.

I thought this episode was very emotional, and Angela’s song brought tears to my eyes. As usual, the art and animation were captivating. That’s about all I have in my for this recap. Thank you for reading. 🙂

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(Images from: Carole and Tuesday. Dir. S Watanabe. Bones. 2019.)

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