The God of Highschool Episode 11 Review

Hi and welcome! This was another impressive episode of GOH, in terms of colorful fantasy fighting. But I’m pretty confused about things. I’m still not familiar with the characters, as there are far too many of them and I suck at remembering Korean names. But in a shounen power-up show like this I don’t really care that much. It’s not that I’m not enjoying it to some degree, but this show isn’t one of my favorites. (Damn tho, Ilpyo’s hot.)

Anyway, the “key” that everyone is after is the one with the power of Kyubi (the nine-tailed fox). Long ago, Kyubi was betrayed by the God that ruled Heaven. So the fox spirit destroyed half of Heaven and then fell into a deep sleep on Earth. Now, Ilpyo is the one with the Kyubi’s power. He seems a lot stronger than Mori as they duke it out in the GOh ring. That is, until Mori (of course) awakens to his own mysterious power. We are not sure what it is yet, but it’s probably the power of the God who betrayed Kyubi. With this immense strength, Mori wins the battle.

Despite the fact that Ilpyo lost the fight, many people are after him as the “key” they sought for so long. He is in the hospital for a bit, and his two companions Seungah and whats-his-name stay with him. But they are not enough to fight the coming threat. Someone named Jeon (who I think was in an earlier match?) has become some of monster/demon in response to the energy of Kyubi. He rampages around the hospital and comes to kill Ilpyo. But Jegal is around too, and he thinks of Ilpyo as his own prey.

The maid of Jeon, named Hyangan, calms down the monster as it’s attacking and absorbing people. While the monster is listening to the maid, Jegal steps in and kills it. Hyangdan looks devastated, since she loved her master so much. And the others are devastated as well. What’his-name and Seongah, the companions of Ilpyo, were gravely injured. One lost an arm and one lost a leg. I’m not clear on whether this was done by the monster or by Jegal. Regardless, Ilpyo goes into a rage and starts fighting the cruel villain.

While that Nox agent with the whitish hair is summoning their god’s power again, Mujin is watching everything. Since the key has been found, he declares that the God of Highschool Tournament is now over. To be continued.

Thanks for reading! See ya next time!


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