Re:Zero Episode 36 (Season 2 Episode 11) Review

Welcome. A lot happened in this episode of Re:Zero, so forgive me if I leave out some points to be concise. There’s a lot to cover but I’ll try.

When he talks to Beatrice in the library, Subaru finds out that the spirit girl has been isolated here for 400 years, maintaining Echidna’s library and waiting for the one to come who can set her free. The book that was supposed to tell the future is now blank. Beatrice’s desrest wish is to die after her long life bound to the magical contract. Subaru doesn’t intend to grant this wish.

Before anything can be resolved, Elsa shows up and attacks. Beatrice and Subaru flee, only to run into Elsa’s partner, Maylie, the user of mabeasts. She says she already killed Frederica and Petra. Elsa catches up and attacks again, but is seeminglydefeated by Beatrice’s magic. Seemingly.Of course it didn’t really get her. She comes back, stabs Beatrice from behind, and cuts her open. With the last of her strength, Beatrice uses magic on Subaru to make him disappear.

He awakes in the holding cell where Garfiel had kept him in a different time line. But this is the same world. Subaru can tell because he’s still missing his eye that Elsa gouged out. Outside, snow is covering everything. In the sanctuary building, Subaru is relieved but surprised to find Emilia. But this is not our usual Emilia. Something has broken her spirit and changed her. It’s eerie. Her eyes are now deep purple and her manner of speaking is different. She falls all over Subaru, acting more lovey-dovey than we’ve ever seen. She tells him that she loves him.

Knowing that Emilia would never act like this normally, Subaru goes to Roswaal for answers. Roswaal basically admits to making the unusual snowfall happen, saying it was to isolate Emilia. The snow would make the villagers as well as Garfiel suspect Emilia, since they already think she is a half-witch. Hearing this, Garfiel gets angry and tries to attack. Ram defends her master. Then Roswaal proceeds to run both of them through at once. They are mortally wounded. Ram dies, and Garfiel’s head is kicked off when he tries to transform.

Roswaal reveals that he knows Subaru can die and start over. That’s because he has the second future-telling book, and his isn’t blank. It must have told him something about Subaru’s power. He says that the purpose of everything he has done is to fulfill his dearest wish which is foretold in the book. For some reason, Roswaal says he can’t kill Subaru, but he starts beating him up instead. He’s trying to force Subaru to kill himself and restart the world.

However, the Great Rabbit manifests at that point. Roswaal submits to his death and is eaten alive. Subaru makes it back to Emilia in the sanctuary building, but it’s too late for him. He’s been attacked by too many of the rabbits. He dies resting his head on Emilia’s lap.

I think that finally covers everything. The most surprising thing in this episode was the way Roswaal killed Ram. It isn’t surprising that he’s scheming toward his own goal, or that he has one of the fortune-telling books. I still appreciate this character and I really want to know what the wish is that he’s working to fulfill. With that, I’ll be going. Thank you for reading.


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