Fall 2020 Episode Impressions Week 13

Welcome to Anime Rants! It’s the last week of Fall 2020. Let’s RANT!

Attack on Titan (Final Season)

Episode 3 (62)

This installment of AOT showed us the history of Reiner as he became the Armored Titan and infiltrated the trainees on Paradis Island. It was thoroughly depressing. If you didn’t feel much sympathy for the “Warriors” before, you surely will after this. Even though Reiner has done things horrible beyond comprehension, it’s still pitiful to see him wavering a step away from suicide. It was exciting to see the long-haired man with PTSD; his identity should be pretty obvious there by the end. This series is so dark and so layered. I’m enjoying it, but it’s pretty damn heavy.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni GOU

Episode 13

In this episode, Keiichi and company saved Satoko from her abusive uncle. He and all the other club members went to the Watanagashi Festival the next day. However, the arc still ended in tragedy. When he went to Satoko’s house, Keiichi was attacked by Teppei, but fought back and killed him. After waking up in the hospital, the boy needed answers. Rena told him that Oishi shot many people at Watanagashi, including all the rest of their friend group. The arc ends with Rena screaming that it makes no sense. I agree. There are way too many questions at this point. I have no clue why this is happening or what the cause has been in these worlds. Hopefully, we’ll get some answers or hints by the end of the series.

Kamisama ni Natte Hi (The Day I Became a God) (Final)

Episode 12

The ending episode of Kamisama ni Natte Hi was beautiful. Yota was getting kicked out of the facility, but at the last minute, Hina remembered him. Afterward, her caretaker released her, and Hina went to live with Yota. They all had some good times together and they finished the movie. I appreciated this ending because it’s fairly realistic. There was no miracle and Hina is never going back to normal. She’s mentally and physically handicapped for life. But she can live outside of a facility with someone she loves and trusts. Of the four anime I decided to watch for Fall 2020, this is the one with which I’m most impressed. 🙂

Ikebukuro West Gate Park

Episode 12 (Final)

In the midst of all the fighting all around the city, Makoto searched for answers. He eventually caught on to the fact that Isogai was probably responsible for much of this chaos. With some clever planning and quick thinking, Makoto was able to expose Isogai and stop the confrontation between the G-boys and the Red Angels.

My general reaction was “Meh.” In some ways, this was quite an impressive ending, but I still feel disappointed. IWGP is not a bad anime, but it could have been so much better. The main problem in this episode was a completely unbelievable, unrealistic villain. Also, there should have been a lot more discussion around the twist of the little girl who stabbed Takashi. There are many directions this anime could have taken to feel less dumb at key points. Still, it’s well-made. I don’t regret watching.

Thanks for reading. It’s been a pretty good Fall 2020! Sayonara until next time!


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