Steins;Gate MBTI

If you’ve been around Anime Rants very long, you’ll know that I love the MBTI personality type model. I’ve already done quite a few posts like this, where I look at the cast of an anime and analyze their MBTI type. Well, today the anime is Steins;Gate, featured in honor of its ten year anniversary earlier this year. You can find lists of Steins;Gate MBTI characters on many different websites, but I tried to make this one a bit more unique by adding my thoughts and how I arrived at my conclusions.

As far as how type is calculated, I will use a combination of two methods: 1) the breakdown of single letters, as seen on the 16Personalities website, and 2) the cognitive functions breakdown, which is a bit different and more complex. (See the image below for a reminder of the cognitive functions of all 16 types.) Please remember that we are talking about fictional characters, and there will most likely be disagreements about how to categorize them. Feel free to discuss this in the comments, but please be civil. Rude comments will be trashed.

There’s just one other important disclaimer. I included characters from Steins;Gate Zero (2018) as well as the original Steins;Gate (2011). However, I have only watched the former series once, and it was three years ago. So I’m telling you right now that I don’t have the best possible grasp of the “new” characters. Their entries will consequently be more vague, and the types I gave them are less certain. I will probably improve this once I re-watch Steins;Gate Zero, but for now, I did the best I could with what I remember. Now then! Let’s get started “hacking to the gate!”

Alexis Leskinen: ENTP

Alexis is a character in Steins;Gate Zero, which means my understanding of him isn’t nearly as deep as it would be for a character in the original series. It’s been a while since I watched, but here’s what I remember. Alexis is only a supporting character, and yet he is nearly impossible to forget. He’s quite similar to Okabe in being energetic, eccentric, and intelligent. Nothing makes him happier than hearty social interactions where science and academics is prominent. Based on observations of his extroversion and other traits, I think Alexis is an ENTP.

Itaru “Daru” Hashida: ISTP

Daru is a member of Okabe’s “lab” and a good friend to everyone there. He does a lot of the actual work, being very gifted with IT skills, coding, and hacking. Although Daru is quite expressive within his small friend group, he is generally socially awkward and out of place. Introversion is likely. Someone with Daru’s level of talent and proficiency with practical and hands-on skills is most likely a sensing type rather than intuitive. Also, compared to an intuitive type, he seems to be more grounded in reality. (Yes, he is an anime otaku, but not in the way where he lets daydreams interfere with common sense or productivity.) In terms of decision-making and lifestyle, Daru is more of a thinker than a feeler, and prefers flexibility to routine. This means he’s probably a Thinking type and a Prospecting type. Putting it all together, ISTP is the best choice for Daru.

Kagari Shiina: ISFJ

Within the alternate universes explored in Steins;Gate Zero, Kagari is the adopted daughter of Mayuri. Apparently by coincidence (?), she looks incredibly similar to Kurisu Makise. Her personality, however, is distinctly different. Kagari is highly emotional and needy. Much of this is due to trauma and confusion, but even minus those elements, she is a deeply feeling person. Her tendency introversion is pretty clear as well. Much like her mom Mayuri, Kagari is not remotely interested in abstract sciences, instead being interested in tangible reality and the experiences of the senses. Kagari’s desire for secure living, harmony, and comfortable family traditions further suggest she is a sensing type.

So far it seems ISFJ or ISFP are the likely choices. Kagari is unwavering in her devotion, sense of duty, genuine love, and introspective nature. This means she probably leads with Si (introverted sensing) and Fe (extroverted feeling) rather than the Fi and Se dominance seen in an ISFP. In short, ISFJ seems like the best fit for this sweet girl.

Kurisu (Kris) Makise: INTJ

Kris is one of the most beloved Steins;Gate characters, who, besides being a famous tsundere, is also interesting and fairly well-written. She is a literal teenage genius who already has scientific papers published at seventeen. Neuroscience is her specialty, but she has a solid grasp of most scientific fields. It’s important to remember in the following breakdown that Kris is an unsocialized teenage girl, who likely suffered some kind of abuse (emotional at the very least) at the hands of her father. Factors like teenage years, lack of social exposure, and abuse make it a bit harder to put Kris in a category. She is, as we will discuss, a Thinking type; but due to the factors mentioned, she sometimes becomes overly reactive, highly dramatic or emotional. With that disclaimer done, let’s look at Kris’ other traits.

When she can find a connection, Kris is kind and friendly with others, but she’s an introvert by nature. (She gets along very well with Mayuri.) A lot of social exposure would stress her out immensely. In addition, she can be harsh and insensitive toward others when that “friend connection” is not immediately found. There is absolutely no doubt that Kris is intuitive, being much more interested in possibilities, knowledge, and ingenuity than common sense, action, and practical solutions. Similarly, Kris’ preference for Juding over Prospecting is very clear. She is organized, thorough, and driven.

As mentioned earlier, this girl is a thinker who does not let personal emotions sway her important decisions, and who can sometimes miss or ignore emotional context. That being said, she can also be sweet at times. Now if we put these pieces together, Kris would be INTJ: introverted, intuitive, thinking, and judging. INTJs are sometimes called strategists or architects, since making plans and sticking to them are natural strengths of theirs. An INTJ is very private and won’t let others in easily. They are usually quite bright. All of this fits well for Kris.

Maho Hiyajou: INTP

Maho is probably the most popular new character from Steins;Gate Zero, based on fan reactions. She is a young genius working at the same neuroscience institute where Kurisu did before. The creation of the AI Amadeus was largely thanks to Maho’s contributions. Though tiny in stature and naturally standoffish, this girl can be seriously sassy and biting with her keen wit and tongue. Being quite private, she will only show her softer side and good heart to a few people who work for her trust.

As soon as I saw a few episodes featuring Maho, I just knew she was an INTP. Since I mistakenly thought for a while that I was an INTP, I did a lot of reading about this type, and had many conversations with anonymous INTPs online. I almost don’t feel the need to explain why I think Maho is an INTP. But let’s at least do the bare minimum. Maho is extremely logical and displays all the signs of someone with a strong Thinking preference. It’s an introverted form of thinking (Ti). Assuming Maho’s primary function is Ti, she must either be INTP or ISTP. And Maho is clearly extremely intuitive, so INTP is the obvious choice.

Mayuri “Mayushi” Shiina: ESFJ

Many have speculated that Mayuri is neuro-divergent, as she is never really “on the same page” as the others. She is Okabe’s childhood friend and constant companion. Besides spending time with Okabe, Mayuri enjoys collecting cute figures, cosplaying as anime characters, and doing crafts like making clothes. I would say that Mayuri’s most obvious and defining feature is her loving nature. She loves everyone at the lab so much, and gets along well with basically anyone thanks to her sweet, cute mannerisms and gentle heart.

Someone like Mayuri would have a dominant cognitive function of Fe (extroverted feeling). Of all the types, only ENFJ and ESFJ are completely Fe-dominant. So which is Mayuri? I believe she is ESFJ since her nature is much more practical (sense-based) than hypothetical or intellectual. ESFJs are also known for having good practical skills, which matches well with Mayuri’s capabilities of making clothes, cooking, etc. In a way, Mayuri is simultaneously the mom of the lab and its child. She is childlike in her gentleness and innocence. She’s motherly in most other areas. ESFJ is definitely a good fit for this character.

Moeka Kiryuu: ISTJ

Moeka is the most disliked of the Steins;Gate characters; often, fans are very vocal and colorful with their hatred of her. Some initial dislike of Moeka is understandable, but the avid hatred I see on comment sections is perplexing. Despite that, the fact is that Moeka is a highly interesting character who deserves respect for good writing. She starts out as a very shy member of the lab, but let’s just say she has other, darker intentions. Before we cover Moeka’s MBTI type, it’s important to note that this character is definitely mentally ill. She suffers from severe depression and suicidal ideation, among other issues. That’s relevant because Moeka does not act very typical of her type; she may not seem much like the stable, grounded characters of this type you already know.

Initially, I thought Moeka would be ISFJ. After all, she’s clearly introverted, seems to be judging based on her organization and goals, and is the practical, action-taking type (sensing, rather than intuitive). I assumed she would be a feeler, but if you look closer, and take into account her mental issues, it appears otherwise. She is actually removed from normal emotional processing often, unable to admit and express her true feelings, and lacking in empathy. This suggests she is an unhealthy form of a Thinker type. Order is very important to the ISTJ, and that order, duty, or obligation takes priority over feelings– of self and others. Basically, Moeka is an extremely misguided ISTJ.

Nae Tennouji: Unknown

Though a very minor character, Nae is still worth a mention. She is the cheerful and well-behaved daughter of Yuugo Tennouji (AKA Mr. Braun). She loves to hang out with Mayuri and also makes friends with Suzuha. Okabe and his “mad scientist” persona seems to intimidate her somewhat. It’s impossible to say with any certainty what type Nae is without more character development. If I have to take a guess, without really knowing why, I would say ISFJ. She just seems that way.

Rintarou Okabe: ENTP

Okabe is the protagonist of Steins;Gate, a self-proclaimed “mad scientist” and co-inventor of the time-leap machine. He is far from being a perfectly upright and admirable character, but he loves his friends dearly and sacrifices everything for them. Okabe is famous for being weird and wacky, such that you’re never 100% sure of his sanity. I believe he is a certain flavor of neuro-divergent, personally– but it’s a very different flavor from whatever Mayuri deals with. Whether or not he is mentally typical, Okabe is eccentric by nature. By MBTI stereotypes alone, he would be an ENTP. But let’s break this down more thoroughly to be sure.

n terms of MBTI dimensions, Okabe’s most pronounced trait is his intuition. His mind is active and imaginative, looking for connections, knowledge, and new ideas and mental stimulation. While Kurisu uses introverted intuition, Okabe’s form of intuition is extroverted: an active, conscious process.

The two MBTI types with a dominant Ne function are ENFP and ENTP. I believe Okabe is the latter since he is more T than F. He is capable of caring deeply about people, but he isn’t exactly the kind and sensitive type in everyday life. He’s often disrespectful and violates boundaries, sometimes pushing others on purpose as a sort of mental contest, and other times quite unconsciously. But while he has limited emotional intelligence, Okabe isn’t antisocial. Rather, he has his own pronounced brand of charisma. He is definitely “the leader” of the friend group and the one who brings everyone together. ENTP is almost certainly Okabe’s personality type.

Ruka Urushibara: ISFP/ISFJ

As an LGBT+ individual and a trans ally, I find myself very interested in the character of Ruka. Not too long ago, I was still unsure of how this character would identify, but now I believe it’s quite clear she is a young transgender woman. Unfortunately, the anime and its main character Okabe are both transphobic, and refer to Ruka repeatedly as a guy. Ruka openly admits being biologically male and seems ashamed of herself for her true gender identity. It’s quite sad. I’m still glad that a trans character was included, however, and was at least not villainized.

Anyway, Ruka’s personality is quiet but strong– gentle, and usually timid, but firm when it counts. She is also quite “feminine” in the traditional sense: graceful, forgiving, humble, attractive, and soft-spoken. With her private, shy nature, Ruka is definitely introverted. She is also a sensing type focused on reality and the senses more than possibility and the intellect. Her identity as a sensitive, caring Feeler is clear. So the question is whether this girl is ISFJ or ISFP. I think a strong argument can be made both ways, so I won’t try to push either side. Whichever type you think is better, it’s obvious that Ruka is a loving and strong person.

Rumiho “Ferris” Akiha: ENFP

Known in the anime by her cosplay name, Faris or Ferris is a good friend of Okabe and Mayuri. She comes from a rich family which helped build the Akihibara area into this metropolis of technology and otaku culture. Much like Okabe, Ferris is an extroverted and lively individual who gets caught up in her own world and sometimes leaves others wondering about her sanity. Compared to Okabe, though, I believe Ferris would be a feeling type. She doesn’t always let on her emotional nature, but it becomes apparent in the short arc focusing on her character. Kind, clever, open-minded and energetic, Ferris is a fun and loyal friend. ENFP is the perfect type to describe her.

Shouichi Makise (Dr. Nakabachi): Unknown

Known to the public as Dr. Nakabachi, this absurd excuse for a human is also the abusive father of Kurisu. He is a scientist who is interested in time-travel but who can never come close to the natural genius of his daughter and her research. I’m trying to give as few spoilers as possible in this blog post, but let’s just say that Dr. Nakabachi isn’t going to react well to Kurisu successfully discovering a method of time-travel. I don’t have any certainty about this bastard’s MBTI type, since his scenes in the anime are few and short. He does seem, however, to be extroverted, driven to lead others and achieve glory. He lacks any sensitivity, which suggests he is a maladaptive Thinking type. Stereotypes of the 16 personalities would doubtlessly call Dr. Nakabachi an ESTJ or an ENTJ. But I’m simply not sure.

Suzuha Amane: ISTP

Suzuha the self-identified warrior is another lab member whom Okabe finds and befriends. It becomes immediately apparent that she’s eccentric. Besides having a strange way of talking and a lack of familiarity with everyday life, Suzuha is keenly interested in Okabe’s lab and takes his ramblings with complete seriousness. Physically, she’s quick, agile, and strong for her size. She is also good with guns, survival tools, machinery, and mechanical repairs.

Like most of these characters, Suzuha is lively but somewhat more introverted than extroverted. Her sharp senses, physical prowess, and practical skills suggest she is Sensing. Able to make difficult and objective decisions, she is a Thinking type who is out of touch with the emotional world. Last of all, Suzuha prefers flexibility to routine and can operate well on the fly without much notice or planning. This means she is a Prospecting type. So in conclusion, the warrior girl is an ISTP. This is fitting since ISTPs are known as mechanics or virtuosos. They are unpredictable, private, and physically skilled like no other type. You definitely want an ISTP like Suzuha on your side of the battle.

Yuki Amane: ENFJ?

I don’t think it’s possible to avoid the obvious spoiler here, so I’ll go ahead and state that Yuki is Suzuha’s mother. She appears in the Steins;Gate OVA extra episode as well as in Steins;Gate Zero. But I won’t say any more than that about her significance to the anime or connections to other characters. My memory about the details of Yuki’s personality is vague, but I do recall that she is highly friendly, cheerful, and caring. She’s also quite clever and adventurous. If I had to take a wild guess based on the 16 personality stereotypes, I would say Yuki is an ENFJ.

Yuugo Tennouji (“Mr Braun”): ESTJ

At first, it appears that “Mr Braun” is a somewhat aggressive but normal single father who runs a TV store and rents the second floor room out to Okabe. But there’s a lot more to this muscly landlord than meets the eye. He proves to be quite important to the story. This is another case where I quickly recognized a character’s type without even fully understanding why or how I know. Yuugo is an ESTJ through and through. I have a long history of disliking ESTJ characters, with only a few exceptions that grew on me over time. To be frank, I dislike Yuugo, but let’s put that aside and look at his personality traits.

Though not the friendly-sociable type, Yuugo is probably an extrovert due to his confidence and communication skills. Compared to the predominately intuitive main cast, this man seems to be a sensing type. He’s in touch with reality and fact, practicality and life skills– he won’t have any of Okabe’s abstract nonsense, and is completely uninterested in Kurisu’s scientific pursuits. Yuugo is brusque and insensitive, but also has some admirable qualities like good work ethic, logical reasoning, and the desire to set the example for others. What with running a shop all on his own, it’s obvious that this man is organized, thorough, and conscientious. Putting all of that together, “Mr. Braun” is extroverted, sensing, thinking, and judging. That makes him an ESTJ.

That finally wraps up my analysis of the MBTI types of Steins;Gate characters. You may notice that I left out one or two minor supporting characters– namely, Mayuri’s cosplay friends. This is partly because I don’t remember enough about them, and partly because I doubt there is even enough information to conclude their personality types. As mentioned in the introduction, I may have additional notes or character pages to add after re-watching Steins;Gate Zero. With that note out of the way, we are done for today. Feel free to use this article for reference for your MBTI-related content– just leave a link back to it, please. Thank you so much for reading, and have yourself a great day!


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