Winter 2023 Anime Episode Reviews: Week 12

Welcome to Anime Rants! It’s the second-to-last week of the Winter season!

Bungou Stray Dogs 4th Season: Episode 12

I’m not clear on everything in this episode. Some things were hard to understand and I don’t have the mental energy to try to wrap my head around whatever Dazai and Fyodor were talking about at the end. However, at least I got the gist of the episode. Atsushi, Kyouka, and Lucy are trying to prevent the next terrorist attack by leading the Bloodhounds to discover it and stop it from happening. The terrorist idea was to use a floating casino/satellite/island thing to distribute coins filled with micro-explosives. Then using the satellite signal, they detonate the explosives all over the world at the same time.

It’s a terrifying plan, but Atsushi and company are able to lead the Bloodhounds straight to the clues needed for them to understand. The battle isn’t yet over, however. The owner and operator of the Casino, a man with amnesia named Sigma, is a resourceful and dangerous person. He instructs everyone in the Casino to attack the Bloodhounds to clear their debt or earn more money. Sometimes, it’s the ordinary but desperate people like Sigma who are the most fearsome. In this episode, we also got to see Teruko transform into a bigger version of herself and stop a plane from crushing she and her companion. She’s strong! I really like this character.


Koori Zokusei Danshi to Cool na Douryou Joshi
(Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague): Episode 12

Fuyutsuki and Himuro went on a business trip together. Himuro got sick and shrunk down to a kid until his fever passed during the night. Once they got back from the business trip, Fuyutsuki and Himuro reminisced about the year they had known each other. Both characters have changed for the better. Next, they made plans with their other co-workers to go for a flower-viewing day that weekend. The last scene was a series of still images showing the co-workers having fun at the flower-viewing.

This episode was rather underwhelming for the final episode, in my opinion. That might just be because I was hoping for an actual conclusion or some progress instead of continuing the status quo. Fuyutsuki and Himuro are still not dating. It irks me, to be frank. On top of that, there was the weird scene where kid Himuro falls on top of adult Fuyutsuki and they both stare into each other’s eyes, blushing intensely. What? Am I supposed to find that romantic when Himuro was stuck in the body of a child? That was weird and creepy. I am not impressed with the final episode. However, there were many moments I enjoyed in this anime’s previous episodes. You can expect me to write a series review soon.

Mononogatari: Malevolent Spirits: Episode 11

Hyoma goes to a fabric store run by a Tsukumogami employed by the Saenome. The fabric is alive and forms a relationship with the wearer, as well as serving as excellent armor and being able to transform. After mastering his new cloth armor, Hyoma walks home with Botan. The next day, he accompanies her to college for the culture festival. Suzuri and Nagi are also hanging around the campus. Without warning, Hyoma is attacked by Kai, one of the most powerful Tsukumogami in Kyoto. He’s holding up, but he’s still losing the fight. Suzuri and Nagi want to help, but in order to do so, they must get past Kai’s assistant, Itsuki. She seems dangerous. To be continued.

I really like Botan. She is adorable and I loved seeing her lively life at school. She wears cute outfits, too. In addition, I like Tsubaki in a very different way. She’s hot, confident, and determined. Most of the female characters in this anime have cool or cute designs, but the male characters are rather boring. Itsuki is another example of a female character with an interesting look.


Nokemono-tachi no Yoru (Tale of Outcasts): Episode 11

I quite enjoyed this installment of The Tale of Outcasts, mostly because I loved Iberta, the old lady commander. She was impressive as she fought to defend the headquarters of the Sword Cross Knights. Her history with the armored commander, Sol, was also interesting. Additionally, this episode gave us another chance to see the bird demon, Astaroth, whom I also like.

Despite his best efforts to save Iberta and his home, Sol was too late to save them. Iberta blew up the headquarters with dynamite, taking most of the demons with her. However, Astaroth flew away holding Takenami, who is at least half human now that Iberta broke his demon horns. Meanwhile, Marbas and Wisteria are walking through the woods with Naberius and Dianna. There, they encounter Sitri the dragon demon. With him is the demon-possessed Snow. It seems that Sitri and demon-Snow made a contract. Wisteria is horrified. That’s where the episode leaves off.

(Astaroth and Iberta)

TenTen Kakumei (Magical Revolution): Episode 12

In the final episode of Tenten Kakumei, Euphie won the duel and became the next Queen. So begins the new age of magic, where the nobility will eventually be destroyed to make way for equality and freedom. It was interesting to see Anis share her secret about being reincarnated. I was a little surprised that Euphie won the duel rather than coming up with a solution that would be good for both she and Anis. However, Anis promised to find a way to either end Euphie’s immortality, or become immortal herself.

I cried so much during several points of this final episode. Seeing Anis acknowledged by her parents was very moving. Seeing the girls fly in the sky together with Anis’ new invention was inexpressibly beautiful. So was the romance between Anis and Euphie. I’m so glad they included a kiss for the girls. This anime is truly great and I really couldn’t ask for more in a Shoujo Ai (Girl’s Love) production. It really was a beautiful experience for me. My only complaint is that it was so beautiful and romantic that it made me grieve the fact that I live in this cold, magicless reality. But good anime is always bittersweet that way. It’s part of the experience, and again, I’m extremely happy that I watched this anime.

Vinland Saga Season 2: Episode 11

TI was pretty happy with this episode, since it had plenty of Canute. However, there were also many annoying moments – every second that focused on Olmar was painful to watch. He’s supposed to be a ridiculous character, and serve as comic relief, I think. But he’s just annoying and not remotely funny, if you ask me. Even though this episode had so much of my favorite character in it, it still made me rather gloomy. I don’t like watching Canute become this way. He’s done a lot of terrible things. If he really does create a better world, it will be worth it. But will he get that far? If he doesn’t, he’s just a selfish and greedy king, same as his father and most kings.

Anyway, as far as plot, Ketil comes to visit King Harald. When he hears that Harald is dead, he meets with Canute instead. The young king praises Ketil, but in private, plans to requisition his farm to secure money and supplies for his private army. Olmar volunteered to be a guard for Canute, and Canute is planning to use Olmar to help him get to Ketil’s farm. Also, Leif came back in this episode, and he’s still searching for Thorfinn. I think the action is finally about to pick up again soon.

Thank you for reading~

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