30 Day Anime Day 29: Anime You Wish was Real

It would be thrilling and endlessly interesting if the world of Hunter x Hunter (2011) was real. There were a couple other series I thought of, but right now, this one feels best. There are several reasons for me choosing this particular anime universe.

1. There are many kinds of creatures, including undiscovered ones.

2. There are species besides humans that are intelligent and sentient.

3. Nen is my favorite power system in shounen anime.

4. Anyone can use Nen, if they have a teacher and learn the secrets.

5. The freedom of Hunters and the ease with which they make money is extremely alluring.

That’s it for Day 29 of the 30 Day Anime Challenge! I do appreciate your readership so much! Be well and enjoy your evening. See you tomorrow!

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