One Punch Man SS Episode 11 Review

one punch man garou

Episode Synopsis

Garou refused to surrender to the eight heroes that seemed about to finish him. Overcoming the poison from Shooter’s arrows, the Hero Hunter finally got serious and took out each of the A-class Heroes, even the strongest of the bunch, Death Gatling. As he fought throughout the episode, Garou started to seem more and more like a monster than a human. The human boy whom Garou protected also saw him as a monster, and ran away screaming. Then, Genos arrived. He fought with Garou fiercely. Just when it seemed like he was about to win, Genos was interrupted by Bang and Bomb. Bang requested to finish Garou himself, and the two began their battle.

one punch man genos

Story/Plot Notes

I haven’t slept, and I know my usual review style tends to be too long, so the rest of this episode review will be extremely short and simple. I didn’t expect an entire episode dedicated to Garou’s fight. It means that we may not have time to stop the monster association. The season might end with a cliffhanger. In general, the plot of OPM season 2 is alright, but the structure of events could stand to be improved. During this episode, the pacing and narrative felt good and exciting. All that happened was Garou’s fight, but every bit of it was thrilling.

one punch man episode 11

Art and Sound Highlights

I noticed some very beautiful music during this episode. One of them was playing at around 17 minutes, and another around 20 minutes. The second piece incorporated strings like violin or cello, and I love music like that. It’s great to hear the seiyuu playing Garou, Midorikawa Hikaru. As for animation, the entire episode was great. Garou’s fight had my eyes glued to the screen. It was amazing to watch. The pretty green scenery of the forest was nice, too.

one punch man episode 11

Any Thoughts on Characters?

Saitama and King are still playing video games. Garou was the main character, if you will, of this episode. As usual, he was awesome. He was a lot more awesome than usual, actually, with his great determination and skill in fighting. We saw another flashback of him as a kid defending a monster in an argument with some other kids. It made him angry and sad that the monsters never won or got any honor or glory. The other kids would ostracize him after he spoke up about liking the monsters in superhero conflicts.

one punch man episode 11

What I Enjoyed Most

Again, Garou’s fight with the eight A-class heroes, and then his fight with Genos, were stunning. That’s what I enjoyed more than anything. Probably, my favorite bits of fighting were toward the middle of the episode, when Garou takes down Death Gatling. There was also the continued humor of Saitama losing horribly at video games with King. Thanks so much for reading this episode review! This is Anime Rants. Ja, ne!

one punch man episode 11

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