Gibiate Episode 2 Review

Hi and thanks for stopping by Anime Rants today. I’ll be briefly looking at the second episode of Gibiate.

It was rather painful to watch. I don’t know much about production “quality” when it comes to anime, but even I could tell this was severely lacking. The art style for the characters i kind of like, but the animation looks very awkward. The CGI Gibia didn’t bother me before but upon closer inspection they look like animations from Playstation 1. It’s just really cheap and awkward, and it doesn’t fit in at all.

many of the lines made me cringe. The writing, screenplay, and range of face expressions were all pretty bad. The episode direction doesn’t seem good either. There are issues with suspense of disbelief, too. Why can bullets not pierce Gibia skin but a Katana can? Plus, we only knew the old man, Maeda, for one episode. So I couldn’t really feel bad about his death.

Gibiate isn’t shaping up to be a good anime at all, but I will keep watching and reviewing a little longer before I decide if I want to give up. There are still a few things I like, such as the characters of Kenroku and Yoshinaga, the nice ending song, and the peculiar style in character designs. Thanks again for stopping by my blog today. I really appreciate it! Have a great day.

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