8 Nonhuman Species I Rooted For in Anime

Parts of this post might make you think I’m evil. And maybe I am. Mwaaahahaha!!! (That was my villain laugh.) Anyway, first let’s get the ones out of the way that don’t make me seem malevolent, the species that a good amount of viewers empathize with.

8. Homuculi (Fate series)

(Illiya from Fate/Stay Night: UBW)

In the Fate franchise by Type Moon, Homoculi are artificial humans created by powerful mages. They don’t live long, and in the Fate series they always have it rough. Irisveil got progressively sicker and weaker, and was brutally murdered by Kotomine Kirie in Fate/Zero. Illiya and her two beloved maids were massacred by Gilgamesh/Archer in Fate/Stay Night. That was after a lifetime of having their own kind die as servants and sacrifices to the Mages. Sieg from Fate/Apocrypha would have only lived three years or so if Siegfried hadn’t given him his heart. Every time I start a different Fate series, I always end up rooting for the homunculus characters, even if it’s painfully obvious that they’re not going to survive.

7. Ghouls (Tokyo Ghoul)

(Eto the one-eyed ghoul from Tokyo Ghoul: Re)

For some entries on this list, the species I picked are in a conflict or a war with humans, and I rooted for them more than for the humans. (I.E. Parasytes.) That isn’t quite the case for Tokyo Ghoul, though. I didn’t cheer for ghouls as a species, but there were individual ghouls who I care about more than the human characters. I imagine that’s a sentiment pretty widely felt by Tokyo Ghoul fans. Maybe you like the truly good ghoul Owl from Anteiku, or maybe you like a member of the fearsome, war-hungry faction of Aogiri. Maybe you even like Tsukishima of the Gourmets, focused on the enjoyment of eating humans. xD Personally, I always root for Touko, and sometimes for her effed up brother, too. I also love Eto.

6. Witches (Soul Eater)

Ok, so even though that’s Medusa you see in the pic, I don’t actually like her. Not after the way she raised Chrona. Medusa is so dangerous and uncontrollable that the other witches kicked her out of their society. It’s those other witches I’m talking about that I fully support, even in the cases where they fight against the Shinigami Lord’s faction. And in fact, it’s not just witches. I cheer on all nonhumans in Soul Eater who are not aligned with the Shinigami Lord. I happen to despise that self-proclaimed “God,” along with the way he trains the Maesters, and the way he tries to control and basically enslave all Weapons. I’m definitely a “villain” in the Soul Eater world. I won’t give more detail or explanation now, but maybe I’ll post about it later.

5. Chimera Ants (Hunter x Hunter 2011)

(Meruem the Chimera Ant King)

Ok, now we get into my “dark side” and the main reason people online used to call me an edgelord. xp I’ve got issues with my species. I don’t like humans as a species, and I hate myself because I am one through and through. I still can’t quite forgive our rotten species for ending the potential for biodiversity and evolution on earth. If you want more detail, leave a comment and I’ll explain further. Though, I don’t recommend engaging me about such an illogical hatred.

Anyway, I watched Hunter x Hunter just to get to the Chimera Ant Arc. I was so happy during the Queen’s rule as the captains served her and she produced more and more captains and squad leaders. I didn’t care that they killed most of the population of NGL (about 2 million) or that they killed Hunters like Pockle and Ponzu. I wanted to them to wipe out a good half or so of humanity before being defeated. This, despite knowing that it wouldn’t happen because it’s a shounen anime where the “good guys” (the humans) always win. I was a bit disappointed in Meruem’s softness, but I still liked him as king, and wanted him to take over the world. I cried my eyes out when he died. Kite? I didn’t give a shit.

4. Diclonius (Elfen Lied)

There are many varied reactions to the anime series Elfen Lied. Some dislike it because it’s too violent and has nudity (with nipples, sometimes, lol). Some can’t stand that Kouta (male MC) is ok with his cousin being in love with him, and even kissing him. Others hail Elfen Lied as a deep and thought-provoking classic. I don’t think it’s all that profound, objectively, but for me personally, it was and always will be a powerful and psychological story. If you managed to get through most of the series, you will know that Lucy, Nana, and other pink-haired, horned girls are members of a nonhuman species called Diclonius.

A good number of fans are find of Lucy/ Nyu, and almost all of them like Nana. Thus, they have some sympathy for the Diclonius race. I take things a step further, though. I’d love to see a story where Diclonius become numerous, slaughter humans, and try to replace them as the dominant species. That’d be awesome. Lucy is the Diclonius queen, and could probably have started a war and managed it well, had she been less human herself. (I still love this show as it is, though, and I love Lucy’s struggle with her identity and her species’ instincts.)

3. Shiki or Corpse Demons (Shiki)

(Sunako the Shiki girl)

If you watch Shiki all the way through to the end, you will definitely be sobered by the theme that humans are bloodthirsty monsters in their own ways, too. You might even feel some sympathy for the vampires/Corpse Demons. Personally, I liked the Shiki characters more than the human characters, and I wanted them to win and take over the village. I wouldn’t go so far as to say they should wipe out humankind or anything. After all, then they couldn’t survive either. By the way, since this show is less known than most of these entries, let me just say I highly recommend watching Shiki! It’s got vampires done right for once!

2. Parasytes (Parasyte: The Maxim)

(Ryouko/ Reiko the Parasyte)

Also known as Kiseijuu, which translates to Parasitic Beasts, these creatures live by eating the brain and head of a human, duplicating its appearance, and taking over its fuctions to control the rest of the body. The body is that of a human, but the head, despite looking human, is actually a monster… one which can transform into a terrifying form made of muscle, tentacles, teeth, and sharp blades. They revert to this form when fighting each other or when consuming humans. Parasytes eat humans partly because they need meat to live, and partly because of the instinct to prey on humans. While equal to humans in terms of intelligence, Parasytes have less emotional range, and very little, if any, capacity for empathy.

I’m sure you see the pattern now. I like creatures that prey on humans and reduce population. Parasytes were born to do this. They are the control mechanism that nature developed to keep humans from destroying all the other species and ecosystems in the world. As fascinating living things who will cull humans far more effectively than ecoterrorism, I love Parasytes. Only in anime, of course. I don’t agree with violence or any kind of forced population control in reality, and while I may not love my species, I love certain individual humans very much. I also value myself, so I’ll never be radical enough to land myself in jail.

1. Bake-Nezumi or Monster Rats (Shinsekai Yori)

(Squealer, the Monster Rat)

(Note: These are also known as Queerats.) Like with the first entry, here’s another case where I’m actually not being an edgy emo idiot. A lot of people agree with me in wishing for the freedom and propserity of the Monster Rats. If humans are low in population like in Shinsekai Yori, I normally root for them. During the show, I definitely cheer on the human characters at times or hope for their survival.

However, most of these “humans” are morally hideous from a reasonable person’s perspective. Their societies brainwash people, modify their memories, and murder “problem children.” The worst thing they do is enslave the Bake-Nezumi race, sometimes slaughtering them for no good reason. This, despite the fact that Monster Rats are every bit as social, intelligent, emotional, and complex as humans. If it isn’t clear that this is the case, watch Shinsekai Yori to the very last episode. Then you’ll know what I mean.

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