One Punch Man 2: Episode 7 Review

Some very vocal viewers in comment sections on streaming sites and discussion forums are less than impressed with OPM 2nd Season. I think they are operating on the wrong idea, though. The quality of the show isn’t what’s lacking, in my opinion. It’s just that people’s enjoyment of the show is lacking, and that is mostly because the idea of OPM has gotten too old. It was difficult enough for me the first time to sit through OPM and watch the same thing happen every episode. In that sense, this season is actually more creative than the first with its story.

Some people have given up criticizing the art in the show and are now saying the story sucks. But the storytelling isn’t bad at all in OPM; it’s just that it only has a very simplistic concept work with (A hero who defeats enemies with one punch). If anyone is having a hard time following the story, they must not be paying attention. It’s been very simple for the last few episodes. While Saitama tries to experience martial arts in the Super Fight Tournament, the Monster Association is sending out numerous monsters to attack S City. There are many characters introduced, but they only matter for the fights and so trying to remember every one is a waste of time.

Now, there is something people are saying about OPM 2nd Season that I agree with. That is, compared to last season, the comedy aspect is lacking. I think, again, that’s because it’s hard to keep the same joke alive– the hero who defeats anything with one punch. There have been a few episodes so far where I thought there was a lack of humor, but the funny ones stick out in my mind more. For example, the story of King in episode 1 was hilarious. Saitama’s behavior and personality throughout the Tournament arc has been immensely amusing. As for episode 7, which is what I’m supposed to be talking about, there were several moments where I chuckled or laughed out loud. That means it’s funny enough by my standards.

(Response to Saitama’s understanding of Martial Arts)

I respect the hell out of martial arts, and I have taken some Aikido and some Xing-hi Kung Fu, but I also am a fan of the comedy where nothing is sacred. Saitama made a mockery of martial arts and it made me laugh. As he understands it, martial arts is just a way to “move around all cool-like.” And the man can’t even tie his obi decently, which resulted in him showing his underwear to the whole audience in this week’s episode. Siuryu also wasn’t a good martial artist, but simply a kid who got arrogant because he had yet to lose to anyone. Learning that made him a much more understandable character.

Besides humor and some slight character development for Suiryu, this episode confirmed that the Monster Organization is led by a huge monster king named Orochi. His body can produce Monster Cells, which, when ingested by humans, turn them into monsters. We also got to see Saitama making a stand for heroes after Suiryu dissed them in his childhish way. As always, I was happy to see Tatsumaki being a bad-ass. Yes I feel for her little sister too, having to be in her shadow all the time, but that doesn’t mean I’ll stop loving the Terrible Tornado. After all, she’s voiced by Aoi Yuuki, who also performed as Tanya in Youjo Senki.

Overall, episode 7 was a blast. It was funny and exciting, with good fights and good voice-acting. I consider OPM 2nd season a solidly enjoyable show so far.

3 thoughts on “One Punch Man 2: Episode 7 Review

    1. Nice to hear your thoughts! Yes, I am enjoying OPM s2 quite a bit. I’m kind of surprised at it myself because I tend not to be too fond of superhero genre. If it’s a superhero show that I truly enjoy, I think that means it must be pretty darn good.


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