30 Day Challenge Day 6: Anime I Want To See

On my MAL account, I have 33 entries under “plan to see,” and at least 10 series listed as “on-hold.” So there’s quite a lot I need and want to see. Lately, the one that’s been on my mind most is Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru, or My Youth Romantic Comedy is Wrong, as Expected. In this post, I’ll follow the trend and abbreviate it as Oregairu. Chances are high readers know this series since it’s widely popular. Why do I want to watch this series?

Nobody in my offline social life has recommended it to me, but several people online encouraged me to check it out, and I’ve seen many positive reviews for it. School shows and rom-coms are not my favorites genres, but I don’t hate them either, and I’ve seen a two or three good ones. Oregairu has a score of 8.11 from 360k users on MAL, a median rating of Very Good from over a thousand users on Anime News Network, and a score of 7.7 on IMDb from two thousand voters. It’s also commercially successful, and got a second season. If it’s so popular and successful, then I figure I should give it a try, but I’ll view it as the anime critic I am. (Hobbyist critic, of course.)

Success alone for an anime won’t always motivate me to watch it. So what else? There are three other reasons I want to see Oregairu. Firstly, what I hear is that main characters Hachiman and Yukino are “cynical,” and I suppose that speaks to me as a skeptic and critical thinker? Question mark is there because it’s quite possible to have characters who are very cynical but very stupid.

Secondly, the worst I’ve heard from people giving the show low rankings is that it has no plot and little originality. That’s coming from reviewers who don’t like or aren’t familiar with the school rom-com genre. If that’s the worst people can say, Oregairu can’t really be bad. The third reason I want to watch this series is because I already looked at the cast listing and I know there are five female seiyuu I know and love, such as Aoi Yuuki and Mai Nakahara.

The only other thing I can think of to include in this post is the question, “Why haven’t I watched Oregairu yet?” After all, it came out back in Spring 2013. Well, I only joined anime fandom in like 2015-ish, and I only just heard of Oregairu at the end of 2018 when an ani-tuber I like mentioned it. I thought it sounded worth checking out, but there the holidays and my medication changes got in the way. Then the winter 2019 season began and I was distracted with those shows. In March, I started working on this blog and that’s taking up most of my free time. Those are my excuses for not seeing Oregairu yet. I promise to watch it by the end of June if not before. (Just the first season though, to start with.)

Thanks for reading! I’d love to hear your thoughts if you don’t mind leaving a comment. Ja ne!

11 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge Day 6: Anime I Want To See

  1. I haven’t watched SNAFU. Like yourself, school rom-com aren’t my thing. And it’s highly praised by many. For the most part, just haven’t really gotten around to it

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  2. Be aware, it lacks a conclusion. Because the manga publishers wouldn’t allow the author to publish the ending he intended: where the smug, antisocial jerk does *not* get either of the girls.

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    1. That’s irritating. I’d rather see what the author had in mind. Still, I’ll check it out. School Rumble was a lot of fun for me, and yes the end was disappointing, but I didn’t regret watching the show, either.

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      1. Now, that’s one I haven’t seen that I think I would like to. Assuming I’m recalling correctly, of course. That’s the one with the delinquent that wants to shape up and go for the girl he likes, who, as it happens, likes the most popular boy in school, right?

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      2. Pretty much yes, but the guy she likes actually isn’t that popular because he’s so quiet and out of it. Actually that guy adds so much to the comedy of the show. But all the characters do. It’s fun. And the dub is pretty good too!

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  3. I believe its a very good anime but… I also think I’ve seen better in its genre. But Hachiman is a fantastic character, and I love Yui. A third season has also been announced by the way!

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