30 Day Challenge Day 7: Anime Crush

As usual, I can’t pick just one that I like more than all the rest.
But that is the challenge, so I’ll have to choose one at random.

Incidentally, I have a list of 30 major anime crushes, and at least 50 if you count crushes I don’t take very seriously. I have them listed in 6 categories: Highschool Female, Highschool Male, Adult Female, Adult Male, Nonhuman, and Transgender/Nonbinary. My list of 14 adult females: Kurisu Makise, Yukari Tanizaki, Revvy, Ennis, Canaan, C.C., Esdeath, Minene Uryuu, Shiki Ryougi, Blue, Yayoi Kunizuka, Crusch Karsten, Violet Evergarden, and Sen Takatsuki (or Eto).

Using a random number generator online, with the bounds of 1 and 14, I was given the number 11. going by the order I wrote those ladies’ names down, that means the random anime crush I have chosen is Yayoi Kunizuka from Psycho-Pass. I don’t just think Yayoi is cute and hot— I also love her as a character. I wrote a long fanfiction about her if you want to check it out a chapter. Oh, but she really is hot, though, and extremely cute imo, too.

Yayoi is a somewhat under-developed supporting character, but she did at least get an episode of her own in the middle of Psycho-Pass season 1. I love both the second season as well, but it had its disappointments, one which was the fact that Yayoi didn’t her own arc or episode. Anyway, I’ll tell you a little bit about her and why I adore her. With a crime coefficient at about 118, Yayoi is considered a latent criminal and did not improve in the rehabilitation facility. She was offered a job by Kogami, and became a police Enforcer at the Bureau of Public Safety’s Division One.

Enforcer Kunizuka, as she is known as work, comes across and quiet and grim, and that’s not too far from the truth. She can be a bit morbid, and she doesn’t talk much. She has no problem casually eating while Akane and Shion are talking about a disgusting murder case. Furthermore, Yayoi has a bit of an attitude. If she doesn’t feel like saying hi, she won’t. If she doesn’t feel like being nice, she won’t be. She won’t give you any of those cute anime girl smiles or stupid poses. I don’t remember if there’s ever an occasion where she laughs.

That’s not to say Yayoi is heartless or anything. She can be very caring. One example is when she comforts Mika at the end of the plastication/dismemberment arc at the all girls’ school. Mika cries and talks about her feelings, and Yayoi, despite barely knowing the girl, holds her and tells her to cry while she can. When Mika joins Division One in season 2, she and Yayoi often talk and Yayoi seems warm-hearted. She also cares about Shion and remains her partner for the whole series. Oh, and that reminds me.

You can’t talk about Yayoi and not talk about her orientation. She’s a lesbian. Before her Crime Coefficient rose abive 100, she was very close to Rina Takizaki, a musician who illegally played songs not approved by the Sybil System. It’s never confirmed, but many fans think that Yayoi and Rina were a couple. Later, after she spent a long time isolated in a rehabilitation facility, Yayoi became an Enforcer and met Shion Karanomori. They are a confirmed lesbian couple.

Playing guitar and reading are two of her hobbies, but Yayoi’s area of speciality is with technology and drones. She’s the technical and mechanical genius of the group, not that she ever brags about it. It’s hard to say much more about her without going into my speculation and personal interpretation of her personality and actions. What I can say for sure is that Yayoi is loyal, hard-working, and smart. She puts all of herself into her job as Enforcer and she cares about her colleagues. She’s quiet, but a badass, and I love anime girls like that. I also personally find her character design very sexy. This is a tall, dark-haired, and beautiful anime woman.

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