Midnight Occult Civil Servants Episode 10 Review

This was an exciting episode. At first, I was disappointed that Arata didn’t make a bigger deal out of Kanoichi killing that Another last episode. However, I was soon satisfied that the my desired theme would continue: if you kill Anothers, there can be major consequences. Also, the idea that Arata is too sympathetic to the Anothers was brought up again throughout the episode.

To me, it came as a surprise that Kanoichi had such an emotional reason to dislike Anothers, and Arata. Apparently, it’s because Arata reminds him of his father, who was driven mad by Anothers, and injured his son, leaving him with a lifelong scar. Kanoichi’s antagonism might be more than for his own satisfaction or for fear of himself; it might also be for Arat’s good. Still, calling in Arata to try to listen to Anothers you already know probably can’t talk was a dick move.

Something else that surprised me was the sudden switch of the civil servants from acting practical and sort of “scientific,” to suddenly being freaked out that the cocoons were for the festival of gods. I’m surprised they confirmed that Anothers gather at Izumo in the Kannazuki, and they acknowledge that those Anothers hold a festival. Before, everyone would be like, “we don’t know if that’s true, anothers are just natural distasters,” etc. Well, whatever. Turns out Sakaki and Theo were correct.

I’m glad I understood the reference to Kaminazuki/ Kannazuki. It means “the month without gods,” and is the tenth month in the old Japanese calender. Legend says kami or gods aren’t around that month because they’re holding a festival at the shrines in Izumo, Japan. I don’t know if I’m missing something obvious, but I can’t think of a silkworm goddess in Japanese (or other) mythology, off the top of my head. So I’m very interested to learn who that Another is who’s wrapping everybody in cocoons. Speaking of the cocoons, they and the little creatures inside them were honestly creepy. That doesn’t mean I want them to be burned, though. 😦

I’m hoping that next week, we’ll have something of a finale episode. Maybe the chaos will last two episodes, or maybe it’ll all be solved next episode, leaving the final episode for one more Another-related adventure. I’m enjoying this series, but I have to say that unless the next two episodes pick it up a notch or two, the climax/finale is boring. Anyway, this has been Anime Rants. I really appreciate your readership. Ja ne!

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