Bungou Stray Dogs S3 Episode 10 Review

(Warning: Spoilers for Bungou Stray Dogs S3 Episode 10)

(Note: I didn’t sleep last night, so I apologize for this review being short and simple.)

bungo stray dogs episode 10

Brief Synopsis?

Most members of the Detective Agency choose to disobey the boss and fight the port mafia, while Atsushi and Kunikida decide not to. The fight starts with the Detective Agency on the offensive. Much to surprise of both sides, Ogai and Fukuzawa disappear from their respective agencies’ hideouts. In secret, the two bosses meet up together and dedice to duel to the death. That way, only one person will die.

bungo stray dogs episode 10

Story Thoughts?

I’m a little disappointed with the lack of action overall in this season of BSD (not counting episodes 1-3). There were a few good action sequences this episode 10, but they didn’t feel gripping like the ones in the first three episodes. It seems like it’s taken forever for the plot to get anywhere, but it’s trotting along at a decent pace at this point. I suspect and hope the last two episodes will be filled with a bunch of fights, but I also hope there’s some room to explore Fyodor’s personality and motives further.

What About The Characters This Episode?

The characters made this episode. Kunida’s state near the beginning was heartbreaking, and I find it so impressive that he still went to go find Katai with Atsushi. What will they do now that Katai has been taken out, though? All the Detective Agency members give their own unique motives for choosing to fight or not fight. Also, the fact that Fukuzawa and Ogai decided to settle it one-on-one reminded viewers what responsible leaders they are, and how they care about their subordinates. There was a little tiny bit of history shown of Akutagawa and Dazai, when Akutagawa was talking to Kyouka. That was an interesting talk.

bungo stray dogs episode 10

Art or Sound Notes?

I didn’t notice anything in particular this episode, but as always I enjoy hearing some of my favorite seiyuu. Mori’s seiyuu, Miyamoto Mitsuru, has such a sexy voice! I know him as the teacher, Yashiro, from Erased. It’s always nice to hear Hiroshi Kamiya, voice of Rampo, and known for a variety of roles including Natsume in Natsume Yuujinchou. Kunikida’s memorable voice is done by Hosoya Yoshimasa, who played Reiner in AoT. On other notes, in general, I’m a big fan of the art-style in BSD.

bsd kyouka
(Looks like my expression today)

Other/ Random Thoughts?

I haven’t slept. Nothing comes to mind. I’m about to doze off. Here’s a screenshot.

bungou stray dogs akutagawa

What Did You Most Enjoy?

The face-off at the end between Fukuzawa and Mori, and the talk/fight Akutagawa had with Kyouka. Oh, and Edgar Allen Poe’s monologue was quite amusing.

bsd edgar allen poe
(At least you’d still have your opium, Mr. Poe.)

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