My Fruits Basket Review went Backward in Time.

There was an error with WordPress which has happened to me once before, where after I publish a post, it shows up as being published several days earlier. Clearly, this means I have a blog that can send posts back in time. I’ll call it the D-Blog. I am mad scientist. I’m so cool, son of a bitch! Kudos if you get it. ANYWAY, I wrote reviews for Fruits Basket episodes 10 and 11, if anyone would care to read them. I swear I published them this morning, and not 3 days ago.

Here is the link to the post.

By the way, has anyone else had this problem?

2 thoughts on “My Fruits Basket Review went Backward in Time.

  1. I’ve accidentally scheduled a post in the previous month and so published a month early, but it was entirely my own fault and not an error. I just rescheduled the post for the right time.

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    1. Oh right. Maybe I can bring back to draft and then post it tomorrow. But I don’t know if I will after linking it up here. The weird thing tho is that I didn’t mess with the scheduling calender at all before publishing, I just clicked “publish now.” And it showed up with the posts from 3 days ago. The same thing happened with my chimera ant info rant a while back. Maybe sometimes the calender isn’t automatically set on the current day. I’d feel like an idiot, but that’s a likely explanation.

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