Day 20: Anime Character that Gets on My Nerves

I’m glad this isn’t a question of #1 most annoying character in anime, because I’d have a hard time with that one. However, Day 20’s challenge is to just pick one example of an anime character who irritates you. Mainstream anime viewers will probably dislike hearing this, but my choice for this post is the ever popular Yato, the main character in Noragami. I guess I don’t entirely hate him, but I don’t like him. Yato is annoying af, plus, he’s kind of an asshole.

Again, sue me, but I’m not a fan of the popular anime Noragami or its sequel Noragami Aragoto. It’s not that it’s a “bad” or poorly produced anime, though. It has an epic OP, colorful and dynamic animation, an interesting world lore if not a very interesting story, and some cute, funny, and occasionally deep characters. Me disliking Noragami is just a matter of personal preference. Since I didn’t enjoy Noragami, I don’t like it. The main two things that annoyed me were the world lore (the systems of gods and regalia especially) and the character of Yato.

I haven’t seen Noragami in three years or more. So I can’t really remember all the reasons Yato got on my nerves. But I do remember that he never follows through on fixing Hiyori as promised, he never makes enough money or learns common sense, he wastes the money he does earn, he forces Yukine to kill a spirit against his will, and he preaches against Bishamon’s style of gathering Regalia as if it’s any of his damn business.

There are countless scenes in Norgami where Yato’s actions and behaviors are supposed to be funny. I have no doubt they are funny to the right audience. I just am not that audience. Yato hasn’t ever been funny to me. He’s annoying, lazy, and yet incredibly arrogant. Yes, I know gods in that universe are probably very prone to arrogance, but knowing that doesn’t make him any less irritating. But that’s all I remember, and I don’t feel like suffering through the series again just to make this one post more detailed. I don’t dislike Yato enough to analyze everything he did wrong, either. So that’s about it for Day 20 of the 30 Day Anime Challenge!

Thank you so much for reading!

7 thoughts on “Day 20: Anime Character that Gets on My Nerves

  1. Heh, no offense, but you seem to “have a hard time” with most ANY picking of a #1. 😉

    I absolutely agree about Yato and Noragami. He is annoying, and the show felt very “meh” to me.

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    1. Yes, you’re exactly right, I have the hardest time picking any #1 favorite! I think I mentioned in the “favorite couple” post (?) that I don’t really understand the concept of favorites on some level. I don’t have a single favorite anything. Or if I do, it can change by the hour. It’s never consistent. It’s difficult enough to narrow books and anime and songs down to top 10s. xD

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  2. Poor Yato.
    No, I actually get what you mean and normally Yato is exactly the kind of character who would get on my nerves as well, particularly with his never learning any common sense and still wasting money on good luck charms and the like. Still, I find Yato utterly charming and just have such a great time with Noragami.

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