30 Day Anime Day 21: Favorite Goofy Anime Character

Oh, this was a hard one. I want to say Mai or Yuuko from Nichijou, but I already talked about Nichijou on Day 15. So I chose my second favorite: Yukari Tanizaki from Azumanga Daioh. Yes, she’s the “bad” teacher that everybody hates on the online forums, but she’s my favorite comedic character exactly because of her immature traits, like being childish, a horrible driver, stingy, and a sore loser. Maybe I see myself in her, haha! 😛

Azumanga Diaoh is a spring 2002 anime by J.C. Staff, and the first girls SoL /comedy anime ever I watched. It’s about the school lives of Chiyo, Kasuga (Osaka), Sakaki, Tomo, and the other girls. The character I’m most like in public is Kasuga, but I also see a lot of Yukari in myself. She is often late for the classes she teaches. She takes no bullshit from her students and doesn’t go along with their humor except when it personally suits her. Yukari doesn’t treat her friend Kurosawa-sensei very well, and is always trying to compete with her and outdo her. At home, she’s incredibly sloppy, and drinks too much alcohol.

I realize I’m putting her in a very negative light, but I love her! For some reasons, her antics make me laugh to no end. Also, people need to give her some credit. She teaches her class, albeit not as conservatively or properly as Kurosawa-sensei. There’s nothing wrong with being a woman in your mid twenties and not being married, especially if you enjoy your lifestyle. At least Yukari-sensei not a sexual predator like Kimura. And there are worse things than being young and getting drunk after working hard at a highschool all week. In her position, whose home wouldn’t be messy?

Yukari-sensei is not only a hilarious character, but a decent teacher, too. She taught me there’s nothing wrong with letting loose a little in life. This has been Anime Rants covering another day of the 30 Day Anime Challenge! Have you seen Azumanga Daioh, and if so, who is your favorite character? Or character a lot like you? Let me know with a comment if you have time. Thanks so much for reading. Ja ne!

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