30 Day Challenge Day 23: Favorite Attack Used

Let’s see. I’m guessing this implies a named attack that someone used in a fighter anime. I don’t watch enough fighter anime series, so this one is a bit tough. Maybe it could refer to a clever move or strategy someone used in a fight in a non fighter anime, too. Wow, either way, I’m completely stumped for this challenge. I can’t remember the names of any attacks in the fighter anime I’ve seen, or any particular special moves. I don’t pay attention to the shounen stuff like that.

With that being the case, I started looking through MyAnimeList to see if any special attacks at all came to mind. I literally couldn’t remember or think of anything. So I googled anime attacks and found this list of classic attacks in shounen anime. Still… none of them really do it for me. I spent several hours thinking of what to do for this most challenging day, Day 23. Finally, a random one popped into my head. That would be the Unlimited Blade Works, the reality marble full of an infinite number of swords, used by the Hero Emiya Shirou/ Archer in Fate/Stay Night. Maybe it’s more an ability than an attack.

The Unlimited Blade Works ability/attack then made me think of other attacks/abilities from the Fate series, so I chose the one used by Saber/Arthuria in Fate/Stay Night and Fate/Zero, the Wind Sword. Her real weapon is the holy sword Excalibur, but she conceals it because revealing it and using it and at full strength takes all her magic and puts her at a strategic disadvantage. Using wind magic, Saber hides the entirety of the weapon, and essentially uses an invisible sword. This way, her opponents can’t accurately judge the length and strength of the sword very easily.

I’ve always thought the wind sword was pretty cool, on top of the fact that Saber is an extremely skilled swordswoman. It’s a smart and impressive attack style. So finally, the difficult day 23 has been conquered! Thank you for suffering through that with me, haha! This has been Anime Rants. Mata ashita!

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