30 Day Challenge Day 28: “Favorite” Anime Quote

Ask a librarian what their favorite book is. Ask a cat lady which of their cats is their favorite. That’s about what it’s like, asking me for my favorite anime quote ever. Obviously, there is no single favorite, and even if there was one, I’d have to dig through almost 600 anime series and find the ones I like best. And there might be others I’ve forgotten. So, I will be choosing a quote at random from a random anime. Let me think.

(10 minutes later). Alright. Here is a wonderful and short anime quote. Enjoy.

“May those who accept their fate be granted Happiness.
May those who defy their fate be granted Glory.”

~Edel from Princess Tutu

Princess Tutu, by the way, is an orignal anime by Junichi Satou that aired in 2002. It’s a really interesting story with all sorts of insights and great points. That was brief, but it was the best I could come up with in a timely manner.

I genuinely appreciate your readership. Have a great day! Mata ashita!

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