Carole and Tuesday Episode 19: Tao is Actually Cool?

Hi, it’s good to have you visit today! After this episode of Carole and Tuesday, the mess with Angela’s stalker seems to finally be over. There was hacking and AI use involved, but the real cultprit behind it all was of course a crazy human. Angela was set to perform as a surprise guest at the Cydonia Festival, singing the song that Ertagun wrote. So the crazy stalker got a job working backstage at the Festival and he decided he needed to shoot and kill Angela just before her appearance. Fuckin Psychopath.

Thanks to Tao’s work tracking him down (electronically and physically), the psychopath was caught. Tao is braver and bolder than I had imagined, actually. He went directly to face off with the stalker/killer, who had a gun and was prepared to kill him. Tao used concentrated mic-waves to stun the enemy enough to make him fall down and pass out. That probably means the stalker’s eardums were ruptured or severely damaged, causing loss of balance and coordination, and sometimes unconsciousness.

In political matters, Jerry Eger the political consultant hired by Valerie approached Tao. In college, Tao studied the use of AI to read and to manipulate human emotion. He ended up putting some of that research and technology into music, as we’ve seen before. But Eger wants to put it toward manipulating political opinions and elections. Tao refuses to lend aid to Eger because he says he and politics don’t mix well.

All this is well and good, but what of Carole and Tuesday, the stars of this show? Well, they seemed cheerful and laidback as they thought about the Cydonia festival coming up. I was worried Tuesday would still be down about her unrequited love for Kyle, but she was alright after all. The temperature remained icy, with the weather plant not yet repaired.

Carole and Tuesday initially wanted to make some kind of flashy entrance or get some laughs or do some tricks to get people hyped for their performance. But after Angela’s performance (which was actually my least favorite song so far), the girls realized they couldn’t out-hype her, and that wasn’t their job anyway. Their job was to sing in a way that was true to themselves. So Carole and Tuesday sung “Message in The Wind,” a new song of theirs that I loved as usual. We don’t quite know how well recieved it will be yet because the episode ended just as they were finishing up the song.

Before ending, let me just say there was one hilarious part in this episode that made me (literally) LOL. It was a Steins;Gate reference! At least, I can’t think of it being there for any other reason. Ertegun said, “Forget who I am? That will never happen in any timeline,” just as he puts on his DJ headphones. It’s funny because Ertegun is voied by Mamoru Miyano, who used the same tone of voice and style of acting when he played Okabe Rintarou in Steins;Gate. Also, Okabe putting on a big pair of headphones meant that he was time-leaping to the past, so it was funny to see Ertegun putting on a similar set.

That’s about it for this episode review. Thanks for reading and take care, till next time!

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(Images from: Carole and Tuesday. Dir. S Watanabe. Bones. 2019.)

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