Carole and Tuesday Ep 21 (Terrible Mood Reviews)

Hi there, I got things settled with my medication refills and schedule, but it’ll take a day or so before I real right again. So you’re gonna have to deal with just one more Terrible Mood Review this week. It’s a shame I’m in such a bad mood and feeling so weird and unfocused, because this episode really would have been thoroughly enjoyable otherwise.

Tuesday wants a Christmas present for Carole and she takes Roddy along. They but a Christmas tree and some ornaments and while decorating it they also discuss Santa. Amer writes a rap song and sings it in jail, convincing someone to film it and upload it. It’s a good song but it kind of pissed me off a little because he declares his love for Carole which might interfere with my Carole x Tuesday ship. Anyway, then, unfortunately, Amer is deported back to Earth.

At a church, Carole and Tuesday perform their new song and IDK what the hell it’s called. But I do know that it’s fuckin beautiful. Like really awesome. Even Tobe the unreasonable grumpy whiskey shit man compliments the girls. Also, Gus brought a guest to see Carole and Tuesday: it’s that really pretty woman from episode 6 who is voiced by Maaya Sakamoto (I think?). Can’t remember her name for the damn life of me but she’s a singer they all look up to.

Meanwhile, Angela’s been wading through a lot of shit. Her mama is unconscious and not in a good condition. Plus, she discovers that Dhalia isn’t her real parent. This is really fuckin upsetting. So is the way that the replica AI Angela tries to convince the real Angela she’s not fuckin needed. Real Angela breaks the terminal housing the AI Angela. Then we have a scene of Angela taking lots of pills and becoming unhinged. I thought she might be trying to kill herself, but she sent a text to Tao (who is out of jail on bail) saying, “Help Me.”

K then thanks for reading and by the time this is published hopefully I’ll be in a better mood and can go back to my normal episode reviews.

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(Images from: Carole and Tuesday. Dir. S Watanabe. Bones. 2019.)

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