Carole and Tuesday Episode 23 Recap

Welcome! In its second to last episode, Carole & Tuesday finally starts to pull everything together for the finale. It’s all quite exciting. I have to be very brief today because my eyes are having issues (a chronic thing for me) and I need to rest them for as many hours of the day as is possible. This episode covered a lot of content and I can hardly wait to discuss it at length once my eyes heal.

Carole and Tuesday propose a plan to unite as many Mars musicians as possible to sing songs that speak out against the wrongs happening in Alba City. That includes persecution of refugees, police abuse of authority, political corruption, and most of all, censorship of music and art. Gus and everyone else associated with Carole and Tuesday agree to help with the plan. The words spreads among many musicians. Meanwhile, Angela barely survived after she mixed opioid painkillers and unnamed psychedelic drugs. I’m not one to say “never do drugs,” but never do drugs when severely depressed and never mix drugs! And, always calculate your dosage to avoid overdose. :/

Angela is depressed and feeling lonely, unneeded and empty now that Dahlia has passed away. Even though Carole and Tuesday come and invite her to sing with them for their big event, Angela refuses and tells her manager that nobody wants her. Tao enters her hospital room at the end of the episode, and Angela is moved to tears. (Tao is probably only coming to give some encouragement and then say goodbye, since he expects to be arrested soon. Why? Well, during his mysterious disappearance, he conducted a huge “cyber-terrorism” attack. We don’t yet know the purpose of his actions or what effect it will have on Alba City and Mars.

Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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(Images from: Carole and Tuesday. Dir. S Watanabe. Bones. 2019.)

2 thoughts on “Carole and Tuesday Episode 23 Recap

  1. Poor Angela, sometimes its hard to feel wanted, even if people ask you to join them. When is it sincere , when do they do it just to help. I have plenty of friends yet at times I can still feel lonely. Being wanted and loved is something we all want to feel.. but because we all ‘have to be good and kind'” kindess can sometimes feel ‘fake’.

    Because we have to be PC to everyone and tell them they are nice.. the words are losing their meaning more.. which makes peptalks so much harder.

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    1. Yes, I remember feeling very unwanted before, too, even though most of my family loved me so much. I guess we all feel that way sometimes.

      Good point about the problem of not knowing if peoples’ words are sincere. Or (for me) not knowing how to put sincerity into one’s words. I wish I had the answer. :/ (Thanks for the comment btw)

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