When Miyoko Cries #21

Miyoko no Naku Koro ni
A Higurashi/ Umineko Fan Fiction
Enchantments Chapter (5th Arc)
Episode 3: Nature’s Force

“Miyoko Tanashi,” said Frederica to the young girl, “Do you wish to avoid pain and suf –“

“Shut up!” screamed Miyo, on her knees on the hard earth path behind her house. It was the start of the 9th world, and the girl was crying pitifully. She sobbed and sobbed, rocking back and forth, while tears flowed down her little cheeks. “Just shut up, you goddamn Witch!” she yelled at Frederica. “I don’t want to hear that question again. I don’t want to go through another of your cruel worlds again. I don’t want to die! I give up! You win! I’m broken. Aren’t you satisfied yet?”

Frederica got down and sat on her feet a few inches from where Miyo was crying on her hands and knees in the dust. “I am not satisfied yet,” she answered, and her voice seemed just slightly less disdainful than usual. “What I have in store for you is much more satisfying than this. But I’m curious. Why are you trying to give up now? No death is easy or free of pain or fear. But you expected to die in the previous world. You mentally prepared for it. You saw it coming. So why?”

Miyo couldn’t expect the Witch to understand. Frederica was a cold and detached person, who operated on a system of logic; but Miyo’s grief was irrational and sentimental right now. She wasn’t crying because her of her sudden death in the eighth world; she cried for the person who died inside her over the course of all the worlds so far. Miyo’s old self was dead. She was forced to fully realize this when, a few minutes ago, she noticed she no longer cared about trying to save her parents. They were guaranteed to die in any world.

The original Miyo had been a young idealist, who had a fierce fighting spirit and believed strongly in altruism and defending what was right. Her capacity to feel emotions had been deep — even hyperactive, perhaps. What about now? Miyo was actually already “over” being suddenly stabbed to death by Ebina. She didn’t care that she hadn’t warned Eriko about her escape plan failing, or about Hosoda’s likelihood of murdering her. And she didn’t care about trying to save her parents.

Miyo now viewed these repeating worlds as a game — a challenge she was determined to win. Honestly, she wanted to dive straight into things and perfect her magic just in time to beat this ninth world. There were no emotions like sadness, fear, guilt, or regret on her mind. That’s why Miyo had paused to cry. It might be the last time she ever cried like a human again. She had to grieve her old self, who was dead. From now on, she’d embrace the fact that she was a different existence with a different personality.

Wiping away her tears, Miyo looked into Frederica’s eyes. She told the Witch, “It doesn’t matter. I’ve moved past it already. Let’s just say I was crying because I was saying goodbye to someone once and for all. Now, you goddamn Witch, this game starts for real.”

Frederica smiled, and it was a beautiful smile. “That’s more like it,” she said.

A day later, in the late morning, Miyo was already in Sky House’s chapel, demonstrating her magic for Kashima. Tossing two dice into a bowl, Miyo flipped it over, and then moved it around in a circular motion on the surface of the wooden pew. The magician’s trick required her to sneak a third die into the bowl from her sleeve as she lifted it up. But this time, Miyo recited part of Sayuri’s song in her head, and willed herself to believe in pure and absurd magic. She felt a strange shiver go through her, and went she lifted up the bowl, a third die had appeared. It was black with silvery dots, and had landed on a four.

“Well done,” said Kashima. “That’s actually quite impressive. You created an item out of magical energy and made it appear right where you wanted it. This die,” he said, examining it, “will disappear and cease to be if you dismiss it, renounce its existence, or try to figure out what it’s made of. It isn’t the same as creating a physical die with a stable existence.”

“I don’t give a damn about technicalities like that,” Miyo huffed at the Demon. “I performed a magic trick with real magic, and I can do it reliably. So, tell me how to make a useful spell.”

“I can’t tell you what manner of spell to use or what its effect should be,” Kashima answered with a shrug. “That would count as working against my master, Bernkastel. However, I can tell you about a process that’s useful for activating your desired magic. In other words, a simple beginner’s way to make a spell. Your current way of activating magic would be fine if you had dozens of Sayuri’s songs, but I doubt you do. You need another way. What do you think I mean by that? What would be a way to activate our magic?”

“Something like a signal,” Miyo hypothesized, after a minute of thought. “Something that I only say, use, or do to trigger magic. And there should probably be multiple steps.”

Kashima nodded. “You catch on quickly now. This is one way in which the concept of ‘magic words’ came about. Think of some words or syllables you like and craft them into a sentence with a tone of command. Also, to strengthen it, add this for your second step. Draw from the sources of magic around you. You learned to try seeing magic in different places, yes? Suppose you are near some beautiful wisteria, and you say ‘magic word with power of wisteria.’ This way, you’re calling on the flower’s magic to increase your spell’s chances of working. And of course, it only works if you fully believe in the magic within you, within your words, and within the sources around you.”

“I don’t need a magic gem or a wand or anything?” asked Miyo dryly.

“Those are other ways that help you activate magic, yes,” Kashima told her. “But a stone needs to ‘charge up’ to start working. It would take a while to imbue it with enough of your magic to be reliable. And a wand requires special materials made by powerful beings. Just work with words and the power of your belief for now. Also, keep working on those magician’s tricks so you can perform more of them with real magic.”

That was the end of the advice Kashima would offer. After that, he demanded to have an hour to “play” with Miyo. When Miyo stumbled and crawled back to her room, she had at least a dozen small cuts, and though they’d already stopped bleeding, they stung to no end. Any kind of movement hurt like hell. It was the jaguar claw penalty.

The ‘magic words’ that Miyo decided on were, “Magic is my core; X, eleven, and four!” The X was there so she could put in the name of the magic source from which she drew power.

She already knew what kind of spell she wanted: one for invisibility. On the night of the escape, once she was in the woods, Miyo would become invisible. That way nobody could catch her on the way to the telephone booth. As for making the phone work, Miyo would do as she had in a few of the past worlds, securing a ten yen coin in advance and keeping it on her at all times. For practice, Miyo tried making small items invisible, such as dice, coins, and flowers. She was reliably successful by the morning of day three.

Just like in the fourth world, Miyo cooperated with Eriko, Sayuri, and Fumie to form an escape plan. Miyo and Sayuri got a hold of the key. Eriko dug a hole under the fence outside and cut away a few of the wires. Fumie made certain that Ebina was on their side — or at least on her side. She didn’t seem to know that Ebina planned to go out looking for escapees the following morning, but Miyo knew. It didn’t matter, though. She just had to made a call and talk to Dr. Takano during the night. Then she’d win the game, even if Ebina still found her in the morning.

The four girls attempted executed their escape plan well, mostly thanks to Miyo, who knew what to expect, having lived this same night four or five times. Once in the forest, the girls split up. This would make them harder to catch, in theory. As rain began to fall and thunder rumbled, Fumie took Sayuri southeast, while Eriko ran to the south. Miyo went west. She felt to make sure the ten yen coin was still with her, and it was. So the girl ran till she reached the base of a cliff she remembered from before. Looking up at the sides of the cliff, with its huge boulders and packed earth, Miyo saw a miniature waterfall forming from all the rainwater. It gave her a sense of wonder. That meant it was time.

“Magic is my core,” shouted Miyo; “Cliffside, Eleven, and Four!”

To her surprise and joy, the spell worked. Miyo could no longer see herself. It was only a temporary effect at best, but for a while, the girl would be truly invisible! She felt empowered and hopeful. But those feelings only lasted a moment. Just as Miyo took off running, she heard terrible cracking, crashing, and crumbling sounds as terrifying as the thunder. Mingled with it was the sound of water flowing, loud as a river all of the sudden. Whatever the source of those sounds was, it was rapidly approaching. Frightened, Miyo paused, but was unable to determine from which direction the noise came.

Heedlessly, she ran onward, until she reached what should have been the dirt road leading to the payphone. Instead of a road, though, there was a stream. Thunder crashed and lightning lit up the scene. Mud and water churned and swirled dangerously as it flowed southwest. It carried with it rocks, roots, and leaves, and branches. The road was completely flooded. Miyo stopped to consider what to do next; she wasn’t giving up. But at that moment, the source of the crashing, cascading sound appeared: a huge mudslide. It swept over Miyo before she could even move, washing her away.

In the ninth world, Miyoko Tanashi died from being crushed by the force of the heavy mud and the tons of rocks and gravel mixed with it. Her invisibility mad e no difference.


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