Fruits Basket S2: Episodes 7 to 9

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Episode 7: Let’s Start The Watermelon Splitting Contest!

Everyone at the vacation house gets together to hang out and enjoy splitting watermelons. Shigure and Hatori are also around elsewhere. After the watermelons are split, Yuki goes for a walk. Kyo, meanwhile, notices that something is off with Tohru and asks her what’s going on. Tohru was worried she talked about her mother too much and it might upset everyone else. After all, Tohru has no idea about most of the parents of the zodiac members.

Kyo explains that he’s estranged from his biological father and that his mother died in an “accident.” Remembering the flashbacks from the end of last season, it’s pretty clear that his mother got into an accident on purpose to kill herself. But Kyo assures Tohru that she doesn’t need to worry.

On his walk, Yuki encounters Akito, who came to the summer house to ruin the fun. Along with him is Kureno. Akito says something to Yuki, but it’s not clear exactly what it was. Soon after, Akito goes to the annex of the vacation home, and everyone goes to see him except Tohru and Kyo.

Tohru decides to go on a walk by herself after her dinner with Kyo. She sees Yuki when she arrives at the beach. Whatever Akito said, it seems it has a strong effect of making Yuki more determined and straightforward. As shooting stars rain down in the night sky, Yuki explains that he’s no longer keeping the lid on his feelings and is going to continue fighting to move forward. However, he looks sad. It’s probably because he believes his time with Tohru is fleeting, just like this meteor shower. Yuki gives Tohru a fervent kiss on the forehead and cries just a little.

As for my thoughts on this episode, well, some things are starting to become clear, while others I don’t understand at all. There was a lot in this episode about Shigure being “a schemer.” What did he do exactly? What does he want? Does he care for Akito or not? What were Akito’s exact words to Yuki and what did they mean for him? And speaking of Akito, I had to once again question why everyone just goes along with what he says and does. There must be some reason. We’ll see.

Episode 8: Well, It’s True

I’ll going to keep this recap brief. In this installment of Fruits Basket Second Season, Tohru is left wondering what’s up with with Yuki. He didn’t say anything more about it that night. Tohru spends more time with Kyo the next day, building sandcastles, while everyone else is off visiting Akito. Yuki finally talks to Tohru when he comes back. He basically tells her to forget what happened, and when Tohru said she couldn’t, Yuki promised to tell her the truth some day.

While Akito and Kureno watched from a distance, Kyo spent another morning with Tohru building sandcastles. He mentioned that his bracelet was made through the sacrifice of another, long ago. That bothers Kyo a lot. A bit later, Tohru was hanging up laundry. A sheet went flying so the girl followed it. She discovered a horse lying down in the woods.

Yuki got there at the same time and said the horse was actually Isuzu Sohma. She seems to be bad-tempered all the time. Apparently she isn’t physically well, for some reason, either. Rin is aggressive and threatens to kill Yuki if he tells anyone that she’s around. Yuki agrees to keep it secret, not because he thinks she can kill him, but because of his protective nature.

When Rin runs away, Yuki says he’ll go after her if he can. Tohru says she will be waiting. She looks especially cute and charming.

Now then, I had a number of thoughts watching this episode, but I’m forgetful and unfocused lately. I do remember two things. First, I was happy with the way Yuki is showing confidence. Second, someone mentioned that Kureno was part of the Zodiac, too. That immediately struck me as odd because if Kureno is the rooster, what is Akito? … I’m starting to have an idea of the answer, I think.

Episode 9: My Precious…

We had another emotionally intense episode this week. Kyo was summoned by Akito. He was angry about having to leave Tohru alone, but Yuki reminded him “It’s not like you can defy Akito.” That was an interesting hint.

Anyway, Kyo struggles through 10+ minutes of psychological, verbal, and physical abuse from the family head. It was revealed that Kyo and Akito made a bet once– if Kyo can defeat Yuki, then he will be accepted as a regular Zodiac member and not a monster. However, if he loses, he’ll be locked up in confinement until the day he dies. As Akito breaks down Kyo in various ways, eerie tendrils are shown slithering and curling around the room. I think this imagery is further proof of the truth about Akito.

One good thing happened as a result of this torture. Akito’s insults toward Tohru made Kyo realize clearly that he loves Tohru. When he finally gets out of Akito’s room, Kyo wavers between hope and despair. In the end, he decides that he won’t confess his love to Tohru or try to win her over. Instead he will enjoy the short time he has left by her side. After high school, he’ll be confined.

I loved when Kyo understood the nature of hope that Shisho told him about. It’s like a stubborn plant that will keep growing back even if it’s trampled underfoot. There’s just one other thing to mention. It seems that there is some connection between Kyo and Kyoko. A few flashbacks are shown with young Kyo interacting with her. I wonder what that could mean.

That’s all I have today. I just want to thank you for giving my post a read. It’s much appreciated. Have a great day, and also, have this cute Momiji pic.


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