Fruits Basket S2 Episode 13 Review

Welcome. This episode was for introducing all the new student council members as well as showing Yuki’s continued self-esteem struggles. So who are all these new people?

First there’s Manabe, the vice-president and hyperactive goofball. He’s full of energy and despite making fun of him a little bit in an earlier episode, he seems to have a level of respect for Yuki. At any rate he wants the council to get along and be successful– though he’s more likely to fall sleep than actually get things done.

Kimi Todoh is the kind of character that really tends to piss people off. While she definitely annoys me, she isn’t any more or less obnoxious than her male counterpart Manabe, despite the tendency of audiences to enjoy characters like him. Anyway Kimi is a troublemaker who acts super cute while simultaneously instigating conflict and annoyances. In particular, she gets a kick out of irritating the Yuki fanclub girls.

Kuragi and Naohito are the other two members. Naohito is a short, outspoken and opinionated boy who wants the student council to be productive and serious. He views himself as Yuki’s rival. Kuragi is a girl who’s actually getting things done on the council such as paperwork. However, she doesn’t speak to anyone much or even make eye contact. I have a feeling I’ll like Kuragi since we are both very introverted.

The most interesting part of the episode (to me anyway) was Yuki’s brief conflict with Manabe. After Manabe made a thoughtless comparison of Kyo and Yuki, the Sohma boy angrily told him off for being cold and shallow, enjoying making comparisons of people. Manabe was angered as well, as he kicked over the gardening club’s tray of new seedlings.

Yuki and Manabe irately shout at each other until Yuki realizes and admits that he had been lecturing about himself and not Manabe. In other words, Yuki himself had been making too many unfair comparisons about himself and others. He had been thinking that he was unworthy and that Manabe was better suited for president because of his popularity and charisma. The tension calms and Manabe sits beside Yuki.

Here, Manabe shares the fact that he was angry too and he went too far. It’s because he feels jealous of Yuki’s ability to understand and sympathize with the feelings of others. Yuki is so moved and flattered by this confession that he almost cries. The situation is resolved. As I’ve mentioned before, Yuki is one of my favorites in Fruits Basket, so it’s always nice to see more development for him.

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5 thoughts on “Fruits Basket S2 Episode 13 Review

  1. I love Fruits Basket, but holy fuck is this Yuki story starting to get repetitive. He’s sad, shy and had a rough childhood. We fucking get it.

    I ranted a bit about this on my twitter. I do understand, it is the main sub-plot of the entire series, and I like that unlike other anime Yuki’s not fixed after one conversation. But this is fucking is his what…fifth existential crisis this season? Surely that time could have been better spent on the amazing supporting cast that’s just begging for attention?


      1. I’m planning on getting into the manga once the series is done with the anime. I’m sure it will all come to together, but one of downsides of watching a series like this week to week is that it can hyperfocus some stuff that doesn’t really matter in the big picture.

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