Dr Stone Episodes 23 and 24 Review

What goes down in the last two episodes of Dr. Stone’s first season? Let’s take a look.

Episode 23: Wave Of Science

In this episode, the main device for the cellphone is finally completed. First, they had to make tungsten filaments for the vacuum tubes. Chrome helps out a lot by coming up with a set of mechanisms with which to heat the tungsten up. Also, Kaseki has a moment where he is strongly moved by hearing that Chrome and Senku are his “maker buddies,” or craftsmen friends.

With vacuum tubes completed, the team moves on to a variety of other tasks. Kaseki crafts the glass-work needed for powerful vacuum pumps, Senku completes all the complicated lab-work, and various members of the village help in the production of gold wire, plastic, and copper coils. Along the way, Senku makes a copper heating stove for the villagers, so they can work better in these cold winter days.

There are a number of other materials to make and out together, but finally, it’s all done. The phone plus cell wave generator are finished. Senku turns it out and the cell waves spread across great distance. It’s yet another triumph of science which will help the team win against Tsukasa come spring.

Episode 24: Voices Over Infinite Time

The team quickly realizes that they need more than one cell phone for field communication to work, a fact that Senku had avoided revealing. Another will have to be made. In the meantime, Senku decides to show the village the power of a phone by running wire from the village to Senku’s science work area. Chrome is the first to use it, telling Ruri through the phone that science is awesome.

Ruri says the phone reminds her of a speaker, making Senku wonder why she knows that word. The girl explains that in one of The Hundred Tales, there is a bee called a Speaker who can speak with the voices of the dead if it puts its needle-like stinger up against a gravestone. Gen and Senku are honestly baffled by this at first. Then Senku begins to get the picture. It’s another message from his dad.

Senku rushes to the village’s cemetery, where a peculiar concrete stone has been kept for thousands of years, supposedly the original gravestone of Byakuya. It’s actually a time capsule, and inside, Senku and company find a record cut into glass. It doesn’t take them too long to build a record player. With that, everyone gathers to hear the voices of the founders of Ishigami village.

In the recording, Byakuya only speaks briefly, and then lets Lilian take over. She sings a beautiful and moving song with her powerful voice. It really is a good song, I must say. Ruri feels a special connection to Lilian as she sings. All the villagers’ hearts are touched by the emotional song. Then they all get fired up for defeating Tsukasa so the stone people can be revived and the world of science can return.

The winter freeze is starting to thaw while Senku and the “nation of science” make their final preparations for war with Tsukasa. Meanwhile, we get a sneak peek at Taiju and Yuzuriha, who eagerly anticipate helping Senku from their side. This marks the close of Dr Stone’s first season.

I really appreciate you readers who help me stay inspired to keep going here at Anime Rants. Thanks for much! Look for a review of Dr. Stone within the next few weeks!


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