The God OF High school Episode 1 Review

Within the first 7 minutes of The God of High School I already felt so “done.” This is not my genre. This is not my scene. I think I’ve finally realized that I dislike the vast majority of shounen anime. The same old thing, a boy who fights to be the best against obstacles and opponents of increasing difficulty. I’m so awfully sick of this. Maybe it just happens if you watch enough anime; I’m not sure. Anyway, I at least finished the first episode. Normally, I use the 3-episode rule, but with a boring case like this, one episode will suffice to show if I can tolerate continuing it.

By 11 minutes in, I started to smile and think there might be a redeeming quality to this samey trope-fest shonen trash. That would be the comedy. I am in a horrible mood as I write this and yet the absurd bike chase is making me crack a smile.

I also noticed that the character designs and art style are not at all unlikable; they look fresh and yet classic at the same time. Most of the music — including opening song “Contradiction feat. Tyler Carter” by KSUKE— is not to my tastes, but it does help create a funny, high-action mood. I don’t know who most of the seiyuu are yet, but Mira sounds familiar, and the announcer with the long nose is definitely the same actor who voiced the main character in Beelzebub. Whoever plays Mori has good screaming ability. So, the show is looking and sounding just fine.

Though the fight scenes were pretty cool in the battle royale, the comedy aspect seemed to vanish almost completely. I found myself getting irritated again. That is, until we saw the big bad guy’s fabulous underwear. Yeah, I think the humor is going to keep me watching this show and doing episode reviews for at least a little longer. I can’t take any of it seriously– quite frankly it’s a trash story — but it’s good for laughs.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog today. I really appreciate it. I know I’m a bit behind on this anime already, but bear with me. I’m sure I’ll catch up.

Tasukete onegaishimasu!

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2 thoughts on “The God OF High school Episode 1 Review

  1. One of the rare reviews I’ve seen that doesn’t glorify this show! I haven’t seen the premier yet, but I think my sentiments would be closer to yours. Trash story redeemed by entertaining comedy is probably a pass…

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