Re: Zero (Season 2) Episode 31

Hey there! Thanks for joining me at Anime Rants! This week’s episode of Re: Zero was full of action and suspense. I enjoyed it. Ram is one of my favorite characters so it was great seeing so much of her. Frederica’s beast transformation was awesome. There are still many unanswered questions, such as what oath is binding Frederica, and who hired Elsa the Bowl Hunter to kill everyone. I’ll briefly go over what happened.

Subaru “re-spawns” at the point where he had just passed Echidna’s first trial. Again, Emilia failed to pass. That night everyone gathers to discuss the issue, and Subaru suggests that he should undergo the trials in Emilia’s place. This only upsets Emilia, as well as irritating Garfiel, who is supporting Roswaal’s order than Emilia must be the one. With that plan a bust for now, Subaru explains to Roswaal that he needs to go back to Arlam and reassure the people that their families are safe. He will also see what Frederica is up to. Hopefully, this time, he can stop Elsa.

Roswaal can do nothing to help, so he sends Ram to go with Subaru. On the way, the young man tells Ram about her little sister, Rem. Frederica and Petra are fine and there’s no sign of the Bowel Hunter. Frederica cannot account for what she is planning or why she gave the dangerous crystal to Emilia. She is under an oath that she literally cannot break on her own. She also had no idea that the crystal might hurt Emilia. Ram understands and things are going well. So naturally, that’s when Elsa shows up.

A long, action-packed battle begins in the mansion. By working together, Subaru and the three maids temporarily escape Elsa. They decide they need to keep fighting and rescue Rem who is still in her enchanted sleep inside. Ram is against going back into danger and sacrificing Frederica and Subaru. Frederica, however, decides they will save Rem and warn Beatrice. She transforms into a fierce and splendid golden beast and goes to fight the Bowel Hunter.

While they are trying to get to Rem, Subaru and the others must run from a mabeast that is here with no explanation. Things don’t go well, even after they had beaten the beast with Ram’s magic. I’m not sure what happened, but part of the roof caved in. Subaru lost consciousness. He vaguely remembers Ram trying to send him away on the Riding Dragon, but that didn’t work either. Subaru was thrown back inside the mansion. He wakes up fully, finding himself severely injured. To his horror, Petra was crushed by the falling debris.

Elsa approaches Subaru saying that she’s already dispatched Frederica. Subaru is prepared to die protecting the sleeping Rem. Indeed, dying and restarting is his only option. But just as the Bowel Hunter charges in and strikes, Subaru is pulled into Beatrice’s forbidden library. The episode ends with an infuriated Subaru demanding why the hell Beatrice had saved him.

That wraps up episode 31. As always, I appreciate your readership! Take care. 🙂


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