Deca-Dence Episode 7 Review

Welcome to Anime Rants! Kaburagi is back in the game with a new avatar. It isn’t long before he sees there’s been an incursion of Gadoll into the wall of Deca-Dence. The Tankers and Gears are both trying to stop the raging Gadolls from entering the Tank town via the hole they made in the wall. Kaburagi is exasperated after seeing dozens of Tankers hurt and killed, and it’s even worse when he asks Minato for an explanation. Quite simply, it’s population control. The Tankers are too numerous. It’s alright if the Deca-Dence story causes their deaths.


This attitude infuriates Kaburagi. As he is wondering what in the world to do, Natsume and the Tankers are already coming up with their own plans. With enough help from citizens of Tank, and all the repair kits they can gather, it would be possible to speed up the repair of the hole in the wall. Natsume tries to find people and gather repair supplies, but returns defeated after everyone, including her friend Fei, turned her down. But that was only their first reaction. Later, the butchers and others came around and donated all their repair supplies. Even the timid and Fei dropped by to offer some help.

Hesitant Fei

After this, Kaburagi met with Natsume, saying that he is a friend of Kaburagi, who can longer see Natsume. The two of them go talk for a while on the armor repair deck, and Natsume finds it easy to bare her thoughts and feelings to this somehow familiar stranger. At first, she’s in a good mood, enjoying the milk that Kaburagi brought. She says things like this– drinking nice things, hanging out with friends, and having fun– are essential to a good life.

When Kaburagi asks how Natsume is able to try so hard like she did today, the girl’s mood shifts. She cries a little and reveals that with Kaburagi gone, and possibly no chance of ever achieving peace from the Gadoll, she must push herself to be ever stronger. The sight of Natsume in tears and close to a point of defeat affects Kaburagi strongly. He’s mad. He’s inspired. He is now committed to somehow changing this corrupt system of Deca-Dence.

As soon as he logs out and returns to the Correctional Facility, Kaburagi approaches Donatello. He says he wants to destroy the system. Donatello is interested, unlike the inmates, who only laugh. Kaburagi explains that they’re going to destroy the Gadoll factory located above the Correctional Facility.

It was a great episode in my opinion. That’s it and thanks for dropping by! Have a good one!


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