Give It A Light Novel Title! | Blog Challenge

Hello and welcome! I’m sending out a sincere thank you to Railgun75 for tagging me for this fun challenge! The challenge was made by Dewbond at Shallow Dives In Anime. Thanks for this great idea, Dewbond! We’ll start by going over the rules.


Choose up to five anime, manga or visual novel series that have a short title

Light novels that have shorter titles (Date A Live for example) are also allowed.

Give these series a new title based on those classic overly long Light Novels we love!

If someone has already picked a series you wanted. It’s OK! Let’s see your own take on the title

Link back to the original post so I can read people’s suggestions, I’d love to read everyone’s ideas.

Include Give it a Light Novel title in your tags so everyone including myself can find them all easily.

Nominate around 1-6 bloggers.

Here’s the link back to the source post. I think that’s everything. Now then, let’s get started!

1. Hell Girl

Ai-chan sends people to Hell on request and then sends the people who requested for someone else to be sent. It’s a mess!

2. Super Lovers

Is it wrong to fall in love with your adorable adopted younger brother even though there’s an eight year age difference?

3. Mirai Nikki

My Girlfriend is a yandere! When she’s not killing people in the survival game, she’s so cute! What should I do?

4. Yuru Yuri

Me and my friends do nothing in entertaining ways at our lazy after-school club! I think we’re all Lesbians?

5. Kino’s Journey

On a Journey with My Talking Motorcycle Where We Don’t Stay in Any Country Longer Than Three Days.

I hope you liked those or found them amusing. Thanks for reading and thanks again to Yon Nyan and animegoodreads! Enjoy your day!


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