Deca-Dence Episode 9 Review

Welcome! In this episode, Kaburagi and Natsume infiltrate the Gadoll Factory. At the same time, the inmates in the cyborg bug prison start a riot and set fire to all the piles of Gadoll shit. The fumes go upward into the lake where the young Gadoll population is maturing. They cannot stand the pollution, and so they activate their defense mechanisms, the anti-gravity zones. The technicians and security within the factory are all thrown off and panicking because of the zones. Things are going well.

That doesn’t last. That one cyborg betrayed Donatello and Kaburagi. (I think his name is Turkey?) He tipped off Hugin and the prison security about what would happen. Even worse, he lied to Sark to persuade him to make the report. Advanced security bots march into the prison, and begin shooting the rioters indiscriminately. Meanwhile, Hugin appeared before Kaburagi and Natsume, closing off all the doors and trapping them in with him. Hugin’s intent is to kill these infiltrating “bugs.”

Hugin is a strong, speedy fighter, and it seems like Kaburagi and Natsume don’t stand a chance. Jill helps out by hacking into the visual programs for the security cyborgs, including Hugin. Now he sees multiple Kaburagis, with no way of knowing which is real. But that trick only lasts for a minute. A powerful security system counterattacks, restoring Hugin’s vision and putting Jill in danger. Meanwhile, Donatello comes to the rescue for the remaining cyborg inmates, fighting the security guards with his massive body.

Unfortunately, in the chaos, Sark is shot. Turkey leaves him behind heartlessly, only to run into an angry Donatello. He throws Turkey down into the chute where the shit processing happens. As for Sark, he figures he will die anyway, and uses the last card up his sleeve: refined oxyone liquor. With the powerful chemical inside him, Sark sets himself on fire and jumps into the shoot. The resulting explosion kills Turkey and officially puts the shit processing plant out of commission. It also shuts down the reactor for the Gadoll factory above.

The final scene of the episode is intense. Kaburagi is wounded, but he and Natsume escape from Hugin for now. In the control room, they active the Gadoll Genocide System, and all the Gadoll inside and outside Deca-Dence start dying. This is when it all hits Natsume. This isn’t a nest; it’s a factory. She asks what the hell is going on, and Kaburagi tells her the world she knows is manufactured. I wonder how Natsume will handle it. The episode ends here.

I’m still enjoying Deca-Dence and I hope for more good content next week. Thanks so much for reading. Have a good one!


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