The God of Highschool Episode 10 Review

Welcome! In this episode, Mori’s team goes up against Ilpyo’s team. But before launching into that, the episode shows us two important things. First of all, Ilpyo is fighting for the chance to win his one wish, which is to restore his friend’s leg so she can participate in martial arts. The one who intentionally broke the friend’s knee was none other than Jegal. Second, Mujin Park tells Mori’s team that they were targeted by Nox. This is an organization that believes their one god is best, and will try to kill the other gods being revealed in the tournament.

Back to the fighting, the match between Daewi and his strong female opponent (seungah) was fun to watch. It reminded me of when I took Hapkido classes. We had a similar move to the one she used, the ear strike to make the opponent lose balance. Seungah was brave and strong with the will to fight to the end, but Daewi won the match due to a strange new power. He’d been training in secret. It’s probably his Charyeok. At the end of the match, Ilpyo’s friend Suengyeon (the one who got hurt) shows up. She tells Ilpyo to fight for himself and not for her.

Meanwhile, Mujin runs into a white-haired agent of Nox who had just killed some other Charyeok users. At the same time, dozens of Nox members have approached the GOH tournament venue, ready to attack. Inside, the fight between Mori and Ilpyo begins, and it look spectacular. Mori seems to be losing badly to Ilpyo though. Back outside, the Nox agents have summoned their god and a giant sword to attack the venue. Mujin tries to fight the one with the summoning power, but he can’t keep up.

Seo Hallyang is one of the six strongest Charyeok users. He shows up to fight Nox. Using his national treasure Charyeok abilities, he manages to get rid of the descending sword and god. Back to the match, Mori has made a comeback. He can now use the special moves of Daewi and Mira. But Ilpyo can’t afford to lose either. His Charyeok lets him be possessed by a fox spirit and obtain great power. Mujin is shocked an says that Ilpyo is “The Key.” To be continued!

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