Deca-Dence Episode 12 Review

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by. In the last episode of Deca-Dence, Kaburagi must activate with the mobile fortress as his avatar to defeat the Omega Gadoll. At first, there is no sign from him. While the gadoll rests and the night goes by, the Tankers and Gears collect parts for a makeshift weapon for Deca-Dence. This was Natsume’s idea, with Jill and Minato putting it into action. All of the Gears have logged in to help after a message from Minato urging them on to their final mission in the game.

Kaburagi’s consciousness comes in contact with the mind behind the System. It appears in the form of Mumin, the weird little birdlike cyborg that accompanied Hugen. The System is most likely hundreds of years old, and has adapted and updated itself all along the way. It claims that everything, even this rebellion, is part of the System’s grand plan. Kaburagi says his choice to live life his own way has nothing to do with the System. The interference from the System stops and Mumin vanishes, but not before saying that Kaburagi is going to die.

Now finally connected to Deca-Dence, Kaburagi assembles the parts of the weapon that everyone worked all night to gather. The end result is like a giant javelin which can be propelled with the same force as the canon before it was broken off. Natsume and the Tankers helped get spare parts to the weapon. Finally, it was launched. But the Omega Gadoll caught the spear between its huge front limbs. It’s time for the spatial collapse to happen if Omega isn’t defeated within the next few minutes.

All hope seems lost, but Donatello helps by fighting Omega. Then Kaburagi remembers Natsume saying how she will push herself to her limits. He is then able to remove the avatar limiter on Deca-Dence and access even more power. He fires a huge energy blast at Omega, and this time, it’s successful. The giant monster falls apart. However, Deca-Dence is also falling apart. Kaburagi is spent. In his head, he bids goodbye to Natsume while the rubble falls down on him. Later, Kaburagi’s lifeless body is unburied and Natsume gives a tearful farewell.

The episode then skips to three years later. The ruins of Deca-Dence were made into a city where the cyborgs and the humans live together, free to build and grow societies in the outside world. New Gadoll were developed, these ones friendly and tame like Pipe. They are kept as domestic animals by those who want to raise them. The new society already has a competitive ball sport utilizing the zero-gravity zone technology of the Gadoll. This serves as entertainment for the cyborgs. For those who still want to fight, there are tournament battles to be had. The peaceable ones focus on agriculture and development. It’s a promising new world.

A few other details are given, like how there is a new System that the cyborgs can help update. The last part of the episode shows Jill and Minato finding some kind of way to restore Kaburagi. It’s very vague, but it sounds like they have his memories and mind uploaded into Jill’s records. Somehow, they use that to bring Kaburagi back. A fully adult Natsume is doing field explorations just like her father. In the last scene, she sees Kaburagi’s avatar approaching.

Naturally, the ending was all too rushed and did not live up to even a fraction of the potential that these story elements hold. But that’s been the case throughout the series. It’s too much packed into 12 episodes, and the execution is sloppy and shallow, despite some really great story and character ideas, including a unique kind of dystopia. So considering that the series was this way all along, the final episode wasn’t too bad. I think it was pretty decent considering how difficult last episodes can be to pull off.

That’s it on my thoughts for now, but I’ll have more to say in my series review of Deca-Dence. Hopefully, I’ll have that posted in the next few weeks. Thanks for reading and enjoy your day! Remember, this world needs “bugs”! 🙂


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