Code Geass Characters MBTI Types

Welcome and thanks for dropping by. For this anime MBTI post, I’ll do something a bit different from my previous posts. I will be mostly using the cognitive functions to determine type, rather than by single-letter alone. For your convenience, here is a chart of the 16 types and their two strongest functions.

The usual disclaimer applies. Please don’t get mad over disagreements on character type. Friendly discussion is fine. Expect a lengthy post because there are a lot of Code Geass characters. By the way, this post only covers characters from Lelouch of the Rebellion; there won’t be characters from the Akito the Exiled movies. The post is divided into the main characters, for which I have detailed notes, and other characters, for which my notes are extremely vague. I had to do this because of the large cast. Alright, let’s get started.

Main Characters


C.C. is an immortal woman who bestows the Geass power onto Lelouch. In exchange for granting that power, C.C. needs Lelouch to grant her wish, which is death. In the meantime, she stays with Lelouch and helps him. It’s hard to get a clear read on C.C., but if nothing else, we know she is highly logical. All her decisions are rational and rather detached. She is often the voice of reason for Lelouch. Her logic systems are based on her internal mind, suggesting Ti rather than the more objective Te. The only types that are Ti-dominant are INTP and ISTP. With her keen mind and ability to think outside the box, C.C. is likely intuitive. Therefore, INTP is her type.

Cornelia li Britannia: ESTJ

Cornelia is the older sister of Euphemia by blood. Although she has some sympathetic character elements, this woman is an antagonist. She is loyal to Britannia and conquers other countries in its name. Cornelia likes to be in charge and is good at warfare. She thinks in terms of objective logic, leaving ethics to the dogs. Extroverted Thinking would be her primary function. I think you can argue either way about Cornelia being intuitive or sensing. My opinion is that she’s a sensing type, evidenced by her factual, practical nature. With Te and Si as the dominant functions, ESTJ is the right type for Cornelia.

Diethard Ried: ENTP

Diethard is a freelance journalist and cameraman living in Area 11. He professes loyalty to Britannia, but really doesn’t care about whose side he is on, as long as he can cover interesting stories. Diethard is responsible for most of the press coverage about Zero. Everything about this man screams ENTP. He’s clever, charismatic, excitable, and rather self-absorbed. Sometimes a character fits the stereotype so well that typing using cognitive functions is not necessary. Like most ENTPs, Diethard loves new ideas and is a logical, intuitive thinker.

Euphemia li Britannia: ENFP

Euphie is a Britannian princess who came to Area 11 hoping to make major change. She is an ethically upright character who rejects the racism and nationalism of Britannia. It’s obvious that Euphie is intuitive, lacking the practicality of a sensing type, and being much more interested in possibilities than facts. She is also clearly someone with introverted feeling– someone who weighs everything against her value system and wants to do what’s right. The major candidates are ENFP and ENFJ. I believe ENFP is closer to describing Euphemia.

Kallen Kazuki/Statfield: ISFP

One of the more popular characters, Kallen is an essential part of Zero’s Black Knights. She’s one of the strongest and most skilled Knightmare users. She also attends Ashford Academy and hangs out with the student council, masking her true identity. Kallen has excellent physical skills, an orientation toward action, and no interest in theoreticals. Fight first and think later is how she works. It suggests Se. But even stronger than the sensing function is Kallen’s heart; she must live in accordance with her personal values. This means Fi. The two types that are Fi-dominant are INFP and ISFP. The clear choice for Kallen is ISFP.

Lelouch Lamperouge: INTJ

Lelouch is the main character in Code Geass who seeks to liberate Japan and defy Britannia via terrorism and violent rebellion. There is far too much to explain about Lelouch in one or two paragraphs, but he is a complex and well-written antihero. This man is a thinker and a strategist, obviously using intuition and thinking. His dominant function is Ni, meaning that he is constantly taking in and processing information, seeing connections and forming answers. Secondary functioning would have to be Te, making Lelouch an INTJ.

Note: I’m not the only one to notice that Lelouch sometimes seems like an ENTJ. My conclusion is that when he acts as his persona, Zero, he is indeed more ENTJ. However, Lelouch the man is undoubtedly INTJ.

Lloyd Asplund: ENTP

Lloyd is one of my favorites in Code Geass. He’s a Knightmare scientist as well as a Britannian Earl aligned with the Ashfords. This man is eccentric, lively, intelligent, and bit of a troll at times. His mind highly intuitive and works by generating genius ideas and then gathering data and facts to test it out. This means the dominant function is Ne. Lloyd can be kind, and is probably unusually well in tune with his feeling side. But his “mad scientist” vibe makes me think ENTP fits him much better than ENFP.

Milly Ashford: ESFJ

Milly is a daughter of the Britannian noble family Ashford. She’s also the student council president at Ashford Academy. I’ve always admired this mature character. She is loving by nature, especially toward her friends on the student council. They are the people she must lead and care for. Milly’s dominant function is extroverted feeling, which is similar to Fi but more in tune with the effects of their emotions on the outer world. ESFJ and ENFJ are Fe-doms. Milly is practical and down-to-earth, so sensing would fit just right. ESFJ describes this character well.

Nina Einstein: INFP

Nina is an intelligent and shy member of Ashford Academy’s student council. She was strongly indoctrinated in racism, and fears Japanese people. Nina loved Euphemia, and following the princess’ tragic death, Nina became a scientist for Britannia. She later invented the F.L.E.I.J.A. missiles and bombs. There’s absolutely no question that Nina is driven by her emotions, which easily get out of control. Her primary function would have to be Fi, introverted feeling. Despite her psychological issues, Nina is a bright scientist who uses intuition rather than sensing. That makes her an INFP.

Nunnally Lamperouge: INFP

Despite having little screen-time, Nunnally is hugely important to the story of Code Geass. She’s the blind, maimed little sister of Lelouch who inspires him to make a better world. She is primarily driven by her personal ethics and feelings, which lead her to be gentle, gracious, and optimistic. She uses intuition to understand people, and is a bit of a daydreamer. It’s already clear that INFP is the likely choice. But how can Nunnally and Nina be the same type? Well, that just goes to show that there is great variation within each type and how they direct those same functions.

Rivalz Cardemonde: ESFP

Rivalz, Lelouch’s classmate and fellow student council member, is often viewed as a useless character. I mostly agree. But even with limited development, it’s actually pretty easy to type this character. He’s an excitable extrovert who wants fun experiences more than knowledge. He’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer, preferring action to thought. That sounds like Se. And like many others on this list, Rivalz utilizes Fi, being very sensitive, emotional, and faithful to his personal values. With the two prominent functions being Se and Fi, Rivalz must be an ESFP.

Rolo Lamperouge: ISFP

Next we have Rolo, a character I am quite interested in despite the fan base’s widespread dislike of him. He’s a young assassin with Geass power who was assigned to act like Lelouch’s little brother after his memory was altered. Rolo was tough to type. His emotional nature made me conclude that Fi would be his dominant function. Closely behind is Se, the same as Rivalz and Kallen: an action-taker and not a thinker. While Rivalz’s Fi nature is secondary, it’s primary in Kallen and Rolo. That ordering points to the ISFP. Like most ISFP characters, Rolo is rather unpredictable and individualistic.

Schneizel el Britannia: ENTJ

Schneizel is a Britannian Prince, the wisest and most powerful of Lelouch’s stepbrothers. He sees the world’s hate for Britannia, and wanted to change the country little by little, starting with making Nunnally the Empress. I couldn’t type him based on cognitive functions alone, so I first used the MBTI stereotypes to see which type he sounds most like.

Inventive and ambitious, Schneizel has strong leadership skills, natural charisma, and wise, strategic thinking. He is proud and determined. That sounds a lot like ENTJ. Do the cognitive functions match up? I think so. The two dominant functions for ENTJ are Te and Ni. Though Schneizel has a kinder heart, he is like his father and Cornelia in that what drives him is objective logic– extroverted thinking. Second to that is his intellect and constant internal processing of information and ideas– the introverted intuition function. If this is correct, Schneizel would be an ENTJ.

Shirley Fenette: ESFJ

Shirley is a Brtiannian student at Ashford Academy and a member of the student council. She likes Lelouch, but hates Zero for causing her father’s death. Shirley’s memory is wiped by Lelouch’s Geass after she discovers they are the same person. Shirley’s primary cognitive function would be Fe, as she is driven by her love and care for others. Since she is more practical than intellectual, she’s a Sensing type. ESFJ is the best choice. An example of her feeling nature is the way she cares for everyone on the council, and welcomes Suzaku without any prejudice.

Suzaku Kururugi: ISFJ

The infamously warped Suzaku is still my top favorite of Code Geass characters due to his fascinating and frustrating psychology. He’s Lelouch’s best friend but one of Zero’s worst enemies. The two are constantly at odds. Suzaku had always been against Zero, but he turned powerfully hateful after Zero shot Euphemia. I already wrote a rough character analysis of Suzaku, which includes his MBTI type. Though it’s close between INFJ and ISFJ, the latter is the better fit.

Other Characters

For this section, I gave each character my best guess for their type, but I didn’t have time to write out how I got to that conclusion. Perhaps when I have a bit more time, I’ll fill in these characters with more detailed notes.

Anya Alstreim: INTP

Anya is a Knight of the Round #6 and serves Britannia. She’s quiet, Insightful, and curious. She’s logical and detached, plus generally laidback.

Cecile Croomy: ISFJ

The kind and gracious Cecile gives a human face to the Knightmare mechanic team under Lloyd. She’s traditional, polite, and warm.

Charles zi Britannia: ENTJ

Charles is the emperor of Britannia and can be thought of as the chief antagonist in Code Geass. I will probably write more about him and put him with the main characters later. He’s aggressive, commanding, logical, and yet extremely arrogant.

Clovis la Britannia: ESFP?

Clovis is one of Lelouch’s half-brothers, who was put in charge of Area 11. We only get a glimpse about his personality, but he’s a good actor and public speaker. He’s also a racist bastard who ordered the annihilation of a whole Japanese ghetto area.

Gilbert GP Guilford: ISTJ

Guilford is Cornelia’s right-hand Knight. He’s serious, loyal, skilled, and practical. It appears that he and Cornelia share a special bond.

Gino Weinberg: ESFP

Gino is Britannian Knight of the Round #3. He seems to like Kallen and hopes that peace will come. He’s cheerful, spontaneous, and charming.

Jeremiah Gottwald: ESTJ/ISTJ

Jeremiah is a Knightmare pilot who was used by Lelouch via Geass Power. Jeremiah harbors a strong grudge since he was wrongfully blamed. Normally, he is a bit short-tempered, stern, and bossy. He is an extremely loyal person.

Kaguya Sumeragi: ENFJ

Kaguya is a foreign envoy who was supposed to be engaged to Zero for political purposes. She’s charming, lively, sociable, caring, and bright.

Kyoushiro Toudou: ISTJ

This man is a general in the Japanese resistance front against Britannia. He’s serious, dedicated, well-respected, and traditional.

Mao: ENTP?

Mao is a Geass user who failed to grant CC’s wish in the past. He’s not quite alright upstairs, so typing him is hard.

Marianne vi Britannia: ENFJ?

We don’t know much about Marianne other than she’s the mother of Lelouch and co-conspirator with Charles for their great plan. She seemed to be very kind and gracious, loved by all.

Ougi Kaname: ISFJ

Ougi is an important member of the Black Knights and is basically Zero’s right hand. He’s kind, reliable, practical, and loyal.

Rakshata Chawla: INTP

A Knightmare and weapons scientist, Rakshata seems to have a bit of a past with Lloyd. She seems laidback, logical, and clever.

Sayoko Shinozaki: ISFJ?

As a servant of Lelouch and Nunnally, Sayoko usually acts as a maid. However, she also has amazing athletic, acrobatic, and combat abilities. She’s loyal, helpful, and kind.

Shinichirou Tamaki: ESFP

One of the original Black Knights, Tamaki’s complete idiocy is not reflective of the ESFP type in general. He’s annoying, reckless, stupid, and loud.


V.V. is another immortal (like C.C.) who gave Charles the Geass Power.

Viletta Nu: ISTJ

Viletta is a Britannian soldier who temporarily loses her memory and falls in love with a member of the rebellion, Ougi. She’s strict, dutiful, and practical.

Xingke Li: ISTP

This man is a Chinese warrior and protector of the young empress. He is quiet but decisive, and extremely skilled with the sword.

Closing Thoughts

The many fascinating characters are great reasons to try out Code Geass. I hope you enjoyed learning their MBTI types. Thanks so much for reading. See you next time on Anime Rants!


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