Spooky Anime Part 3: Bad Horror and Cute Series

Hey there, friends! I hope your October is going smoothly. In this edition of spooky anime recommendations, two separate categories will be discussed. You know when a horror book or movie is so bad it makes you laugh? There are anime series like that too, and I have five of them to talk about. After that is the second category, consisting of shows which have a spooky sort of theme, but which are also cute, funny, or light-hearted. There are five of those as well. Entries are in alphabetical order. So let’s get started!

Spooky Anime Part 1: Violent/Thriller/Horror

Spooky Anime Part 2: Popular and Classic

A) Bad Horror

Corpse Party: Tortured Souls


As far as I’m concerned, the Corpse Party OVAs are the worst existing anime horror. Nine friends gather and perform some kind of ritual with cursed dolls or something. As a result, they are thrown into another dimension where horror reigns supreme. There is absolutely no substance to story nor characters, but there is plenty of gore and some potentially disturbing imagery surrounding death and torture. The only reason I put Corpse Party on the list was in the hopes that you can enjoy mocking and criticizing if you watch it. For better or worse, this anime does not appear to be available on any legitimate streaming sites. If you want to see it, try underground sites.

Diabolik Lovers


So I just said that Corpse Party was awful, but I think there is another series that shares with it the position of absolute worst spooky anime. It’s called Diabolik Lovers. The horribly written protagonist Yui was raised mostly in isolation and then sent away to live in a strange manor. Naturally, that manner is occupied by a band of vampire boys who all want to abuse the living shit out of the new girl. (All the boys have terrible and stereotyped personalities, but some of their character designs are actually good.) Diabolik Lovers is such a weird and confusing combination of shoujo reverse harem sex appeal, vampire shit, and abuse kink. I have no idea who this anime was possibly supposed to be for. Besides that, the writing for everything is horrible. If you want to watch Diabolik Lovers for the sake of derisively laughing at it, you can find it on Hulu, VRV, or Crunchyroll.


(Mayoiga aired in Spring 2016)

Known in English as The Lost Village, Mayoiga was a serious letdown. I really tried to give it a chance and enjoy it, since there are some interesting and cool concepts and character ideas. But in execution, Mayoiga was about as successful as a Shyamalan film. The premise is that a busload of desperate, defeated people search for Nanaki Village, a mysterious and supernatural place where everyone can start life over and live happily. The group finds the legendary village, but it’s empty, and there are some ominous signs to be found in the area. Things are about to get weird. Mayoiga is available on VRV and Crunchyroll.

Ookamikushi (Wolfed Away)

(Beautiful character art for the “wolf”)

Hiroshi is an awkward, fussy sort of boy who moves to a new town called Jouga. It’s a strange place, since it’s divided into Old Jouga for the traditionalists and New Jouga for the modern folk. Hiroshi begins to get along very well with his classmates. Only the class president, Kushinada, is distant and cold to him. Curiosity leads Hiroshi to investigate Kushinada as well as the mysterious Old Jouga area. What’s the real secret to this village?

With Wolfed Away, we still see some cringeworthy writing, tropes, and other issues; however, this is worlds better than the others so far mentioned in today’s list. The music and songs are excellent, the artwork for the wolf reaper is beautiful, and several notable Japanese voice actresses played roles. There are so many positive elements that it should have made for a pretty great anime, but the whole is not the sum of its parts. The overall product is not exactly “good.” You may want to check out Wolfed Away, whether you want to laugh at it, practice your critic skills on it, or enjoy the aspects that are done well. Since it’s not available on the commercial streaming services, you’ll need to use an underground streaming site such as gogoanime or 9anime.

Ousama Game (King’s Game) The Animation

(King’s Game aired in Fall 2017)

King’s Game is so awful that I don’t want to spend much time on it, but I will note that it’s good for some laughs. Shortly after the aloof Nobuaki transfers to a new school, he and his classmates all get text messages with directions on how to play King’s Game. The sender is unknown. Terrible things are doomed to befall everyone, should any one student in the class fail to obey the rules given by the mysterious “king.” Crunchyroll and Funimation both provide streaming for King’s Game.

B) Cute or Funny And Spooky-Themed

Gakkou Kaidan- Ghost Stories (English Dub)

(This character is a crazy evangelical Christian)

A young girl named Satsuki starts at a new school and learns that ghosts are on the loose after the spell sealing them away was broken. Together with her brother and school friends, Satsuki must put all the spirits back to rest. Originally, Ghost Stories was meant to be taken fairly seriously, introducing the art of spooky stories with a lot of references to classic horror movies. The target age group probably would have been 10-15. Then along came Funimation and dubbed over the series with a drastically different script. The infamous English dub of Ghost Stories is filled to the brim with sarcastic commentary, sexual humor, irreverent humor, and swearing and slang language. According to standard laws, this version of the anime would be rated TV-MA for profanity.

Now, there are ways in which Ghost Stories could be problematic; besides insensitive jokes, there’s the ethical dilemma of what Funimation did by changing the script. Whether you want to watch is up to you. If you do, you’re almost certain to end up literally rolling on the floor laughing. Ghost Stories is a terrific spooky comedy. It can be found on VRV and Crunchyroll.

Mob Psycho 100

(Shigeo going nuts)

Shigeo “Mob” Kageyama is a young boy with immense psychic powers. He is patient, quiet, and peaceable. It’s hard to rile up a boy like Shigeo, but there are rare cases where he truly loses control of his temper and becomes even more powerful. If Shigeo’s negative emotion percent gets to 100, he essentially becomes a chaotic god. To help him control his powers, Shigeo takes a “master” (teacher) named Reigen. Though Reigen claims to be an amazing exorcist, he has no actual power in reality. So he uses Shigeo to do most of the work in his “business” of dealing with supernatural troubles. A child psychic and a conman– what could go wrong?

Mob Psycho 100 is definitely popular enough to have been in Part 2 of this blog series, which covered classic and/or popular anime with spooky elements. Frankly, I forgot to add it there, so here it is included with the funny series. Although Mob Psycho 100 is indeed heavy on comedy, I wanted to make sure to point out that it’s also high in action. Plus, in my opinion, Shigeo is adorable. So with this anime, you get supernatural, comedy, action, and cuteness all in one. You can watch Mob Psycho 100 on Funimation, Crunchyroll, and VRV.


(The beautiful Rea)

Sankarea is an original and bizarre anime in the way it combines creepiness, romantic drama, and dark humor. I’ve never seen another anime quite like it. The story focuses on a boy named Chihiro who is obsessed with zombies, and a girl named Rea who lives a restricted life ruled by her emotionally abusive father. After Rea had a fatal accident, she was reborn as a zombie girl thanks to the research experiments of Chihiro. What follows is a weird, funny, and sometimes creepy romantic comedy. If you’re interested in watching Sankarea, it’s available on Funimation.

Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou (Girls’ Last Tour)

(Yuu is the blond and Chi has the black hair)

Girls’ Last Tour combines comedy, cuteness, creepiness, and post-apocalyptic elements in a unique way. The anime follows Chito and Yuuri (Chi and Yuu), two young girls who seem to be the last ones alive in a cold, desolate world. Details about the girls’ backgrounds are never clearly explained, but the anime is simply about Chi and Yuu’s strange adventures. There are a couple of creepy moments that I won’t spoil, and the atmosphere is quite spooky aside from the two adorable protagonists. The usual sites don’t have Girls’ Last Tour available, but it can be found on Amazon Prime Video, HIDIVE, or underground streaming sites.

Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san (Ms. Vampire Who Lives in My Neighborhood)

(Sophie being alarmed by Akari)

Sophie Twilight is a mellow vampire who wants to live a quiet life, living in a pretty house in the woods and buying blood from a vampire supply website. Enter Akari, a hyperactive and eccentric human girl who discovers Sophie’s identity and is thrilled about it. Although Sophie is weirded out by Akari at first, they soon become friends and even live together. That’s the basic idea of Ms. Vampire. It’s a really charming and endearing little anime that doesn’t take itself too seriously. I highly recommend it for your Halloween season lineup, as it will provide the perfect cuteness break. Ms. Vampire can be viewed via Crunchyroll or VRV.

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We’ve come to the end of another article, so thanks so much for reading! There’s only one part remaining in this series of spooky anime recommendations. Next time, the category will be series that may not be horrifying, but have a creepy, unsettling atmosphere. Take care now!

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