Bloganuary – January Blog Challenge – Day 28

I’m still sick and have no energy. This will be super brief. “Describe your perfect birthday cake,” is the prompt for today’s Bloganuary blog challenge. I’m not a fan of traditional cake. However, I like spice cake, carrot cake, and icecream cake on occasion. Ideally, for a birthday, I would like a cake made from spice cake batter with lots of different nuts and dried fruits. The icing would be homemade and not too sweet, but extremely creamy. I made a cake like this once and although I couldn’t get it to hold its shape perfectly, the end product tasted amazing. That was a damn good cake. Thanks for reading an enjoy your weekend.

2 thoughts on “Bloganuary – January Blog Challenge – Day 28

  1. Yes! Spice cakes are so good! My mom used to make an apple spice cake that was amazing. Instead of frosting it was topped with a glaze made from apple juice. So tasty! Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. Hope you feel better soon!

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    1. Thanks, i really appreciate that. Your recent comments on my posts have really made my day each time, and I’ll be sure to reply to more of them soon. Just wait till I feel a little better haha!

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