Winter 2023 Anime Episode Reviews: Week 4

Hey there! Thanks for coming to Anime Rants! This winter, I’m covering episodes from 6 different seasonal anime series. My brief episode reviews/responses are below. Let me know if anyone is interested in me covering Buddy Daddies too. If so, I’ll start that next week.

Bungou Stray Dogs 4th Season: Episode 4

Kunikida has been framed for the murder of the young girl from season 3. The person responsible is a follower of Fyodor who has the Gifted ability to erase evidence of a crime. Most of this episode was about Ranpo solving a related mystery. The same Gifted who erases evidence – Mushitarou – also killed an author and tried to cover up his death. Although at first it seemed like Ranpo couldn’t figure it out, he now has the culprit cornered in his own vehicle.

This episode was a lot of fun because of all the classic mystery-solving elements that Ranpo always brings with his appearances. Edgar Allen Poe also had a role in this episode, and has become friends with Ranpo. I’m excited for next week so they can wrap up this case and prove Kunikida innocent.

(Ranpo Edogawa)

Koori Zokusei Danshi to Cool na Douryou Joshi
(Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague): Episode 4

This episode had more of Himuro and Fuyutsuki doing things together, like going to a movie and working overtime. As usual, these two are adorable. We also saw a little bit of the other characters, including Katori the Phoenix-descendent and a cute girl named Otonashi (who I believe is human).

I have a few quick thoughts that came up during this episode. First, it’s strange to me that the others at the office thought Katori was girlish. He’s just expressive and cheerful. God forbid that men show emotions. Second, I often find myself a little tired of nothing but straight romance. I’m pansexual and it would be nice to have some representation in the world of adult anime. Oh, but please don’t think I don’t like this series. I’m enjoying it. There’s nothing wrong with having a few small complaints, right?

(Cheerful Katori)

Mononogatari: Malevolent Spirits: Episode 3

Haori and Kishege, the more mature Tsukumogami, have no objections to accepting Hyoma. However, Yuu feels the opposite, and picks a fight with Hyoma in an alleyway alone. Impressively, Hyoma resists fighting back and instead convinces Yuu to stop attacking. However, she throws a giant needle into him after he asked her whether she “liked” Botan. Well, that was a surprise.

Anyway, a bunch of punk Tsukomogami attacked, and it turns out they were human-killers. Upon hearing this, Hyoma goes into a bloodthirsty rampage and “breaks” (kills) the enemy Tsukumogami. It seems he has a dark and violent nature and not just a bad attitude like I previously thought. Nevertheless, Haori has high hopes for him. She believes he can “save” Botan, but the meaning of this isn’t clear yet.

I liked this episode because I’m interested in Yuu’s character as a spirit who fell in love with a human girl. I’m also moderately interested in Hyoma’s psyche. Despite unimpressive visuals and an unoriginal story concept, I will keep watching this anime.

(Yuu is not happy)

Nokemono-tachi no Yoru (Tale of Outcasts): Episode 3

Marbas and Wisteria meet a girl named Harriet who had contracted with a low-level demon called Molly. They spent some time together and got along before being attacked by a river demon. Some holy knights killed the river demon, but also tried to attack Wisteria. Marbas saved her and drove away the knights.

Then it was revealed that Harriet was already dead and had been functioning as a ghost without remembering that she died. Upon remembering, Harriet decided to let Molly eat her soul so they could spiritually be together forever. This was an emotional exchange because Molly truly loved Harriet. However, there was no other way. Marbas and Wisteria think about their encounter and decided it was a meaningful experience even though it was so short. And as for me, I liked this episode a lot. I’m happy to keep watching this anime.


TenTen Kakumei (Magical Revolution): Episode 4

Euphie feels empty and envious of Anis for having so much and doing so much. However, Anis comforts her and the two of them grow their bond. Meanwhile, a huge dragon is making its way toward the kingdom, forcing hordes of smaller monsters to stampede before it. When Anis goes to fight the dragon, Euphie demands to be taken along. While that’s happening, Prince Algard is also planning to engage the dragon. He made a deal with his father that if he can beat the dragon, he will have his wish granted and his house arrest will be lifted. As usual, I enjoyed this episode. The growing romance between Anis and Euphie is really pleasant to watch.

(Very sweet moment)

Vinland Saga Season 2: Episode 3

Young master Olmar wants to be taken seriously as a man. One of the bodyguards staying on the farm, Fox, tells Olmar that he must kill another person to become a real man. The next day, Fox brings Einar and Thorfinn to Olmar, and instructs the young master to kill one of the slaves. Although Einar seems to be the target at first, Thorfinn volunteers to be cut down. He stands motionless and expressionless as Fox tries to force him to be afraid by cutting him multiple times. But Thorfinn still isn’t afraid of death. He feels that nothing good comes of being alive. Eventually, the boss of the bodyguards, Snake, arrives and stops Fox. Thorfinn is already very cut up by this point, but at least he wasn’t killed.

Although I enjoyed this episode, and I’m very interested in Thorfinn’s mind, it was also really heavy to watch all this. The dark realism is intense. History is bloody. The world was so horrible in those days. It really makes you appreciate how far modern society has come. There are still terrible tragedies, but most of us are more empathetic now. Speaking of empathy, I feel for Thorfinn in his depression and emptiness. I’ve been there too, in a place where I was so empty I didn’t mind if I died. Hopefully, Thorfinn will pull through.

Thank you for reading~


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