Sunday Select: 7 Favorite Characters with Dark Brown Hair

Welcome to Mono’s Anime Rants! For a while now, I’ve been doing Sunday posts organizing my personal favorite anime characters by hair color. I originally planned to do one post for brown-haired characters, but there were waayyy too many. Therefore, they will be divided into dark-brown and light-brown. Today’s post is about my favorite anime characters with dark-brown hair. Enjoy!

1) Akane Tsunemori (Psycho Pass)

MBTI Personality Type: INFJ

The heroine of Psycho Pass, Akane is a police Inspector who supervises a team of Enforcers to catch criminals and punish crime in a dystopian future society. She is intelligent, capable, and talented in a variety of fields. She chose to work in the police force because she wanted to serve society and her strong sense of justice. Akane is soft-spoken yet bold and opinionated. She’s extremely strong mentally, able to control her emotions and stay stable even when the worst happens. I deeply admire Akane’s courage, mental fortitude, and creative thinking. In addition, I’m inspired by her desire to do good, maintain order, and create a better world.

2) Boogiepop Phantom (Boogiepop wa Warawanai)

MBTI Personality Type: ENTP

Boogiepop is a strange, otherworldly entity who manifests at different times to destroy other beings who threaten human lives. This being is genderless, but they operate using the body of a girl named Touka. Boogiepop is charming but mysterious, difficult to get a read on. We do know that they are keenly insightful about others and society. They seem to have a sense of wonder when viewing the world, although they also grieve at the cold hearts of humans. Though heroic in most ways, Boogipeop is also a dark, reaper-like entity who takes their role seriously when it comes to eliminating threats. I love the mystery surrounding Boogiepop’s existence, as well as their mysterious charm.

3) Haruhi Fujioka (Ouran Highschool Host Club)

MBTI Personality Type: INTP

Haruhi has been among my favorite characters the longest out of anyone on this list. She is the heroine of Ouran Highschool Host Club. As a progressive thinker who understands gender identity, Haruhi is sometimes considered nonbinary. Rather than wanting to be defined by sex or gender, she wants to be seen as a person first and foremost. She also doesn’t mind cross-dressing as a male student at the academy, and easily adopts masculine presentation at certain times. Some fans also consider her gender-fluid because of this. Haruhi was the first character like this I ever encountered in anime, and she helped open my eyes to my own gender identity. That’s why she will always be extremely important to me.

4) Kino (Kino’s Journey)

MBTI Personality Type: ISTP

Note: In some shots, especially of the 2016 version, Kino appears to have greenish hair. However, they mostly seem to have brown hair in the 2003 version. At least, that’s how it looks to me.

A bit similar to Haruhi, Kino is often considered nonbinary, and objects to being referred to as either “young lady” or “young lad.” When someone asks how to refer to them, Kino just requests that they use the name Kino. Together with their talking motorcycle Hermes, Kino travels the world, visiting many different “countries” in a strange but beautiful post-apocalyptic world. In terms of personality, Kino is laidback and friendly. They are also very contemplative, often lost in thoughts and gathering information to form unique interpretations of the world. I love Kino’s adventurous spirit and independent mind. Their skill with handguns and knives also makes them bad-ass.

5) Lain Iwakura (Serial Experiments Lain)

MBTI Personality Type: INFP

Lain is extremely quiet, has no friends, and is often ignored at home. For some reason, she also has a lot of strange, dissociative experiences. Things begin to change once Lain gets a new “Navi,” a computer capable of hooking her up to the world of “The Wired.” This virtual dimension is very much like the internet, but also has some otherworldly elements and supernatural dangers. On her journey, Lain will learn a lot about the real world and “The Wired,” and eventually, she will discover the shocking truth about her own identity. I love Lain’s quiet, empathetic and sweet personality, as well as her occasional stubbornness. I also have a lot of experiences similar to her dissociative states, which is ultimately why I connect with her.

6) Saki Watanabe (From The New World)

MBTI Personality Type: INFJ

A thousand years in the future, Saki lives in a small village with her friends and family. She is user of powerful magic/psychic ability called Cantus. As Saki grows up, she discovers the dark secrets of the village and the the state of the world as a whole. Much like Akane, Saki is expressive but incredibly hard to “break.” Even when she takes irreparable emotional damage, she stays true to herself and maintains long-term mental stability and the ability to easily empathize with others. Saki has no special physical or psychic strength, but has keen intuition and a mind that seeks to understand. I admire all this about Saki, and feel very emotionally attached to her. In addition, Saki is bisexual. That’s always a plus.

7) Suzaku Kururugi (Code Geass)

MBTI Personality Type: ISFJ

The only male character who made my top seven did not make it here by being admirable, but by being easy for me to relate to in times of confusion and mental instability. Suzaku is a skilled martial artist and mech pilot, with nearly superhuman speed, agility, and endurance. But in contrast to all these physical talents, Suzaku’s mind is a convoluted mess. Because of the murder he committed when only a child, he now seeks to die in battle and often acts suicidal. At the same time, he spouts off very self-righteous, moralistic opinions against anyone who joins the rebellion. He serves a corrupt, racist empire while being a racial minority himself and not actually wanting to kill anyone. He’s impulsive, hypocritical, and stupidly idealistic. Like I said, he’s a mess. And that’s exactly why I like him.

Runner Up: Eren Yeager (Attack on Titan)

MBTI Personality Type: ISFP

There’s a lot to be said about the main character from Attack on Titan, especially given the divisive direction his character takes in the later parts of the anime. I’m not here to defend or denounce this character; I’m just telling you why he almost made it into my top seven. There are two main reasons. 1) Early on in the series, before he commits any atrocities, I felt extremely inspired by Eren’s stubborn determination. He made it through hell on willpower alone, and that is something I love. 2) Later on, when Eren’s character takes a different direction, I found him psychologically interesting. No matter what carnage he causes, I’m keenly fascinated by how his insane mind is working.

Special Mention: Yoshino Takigawa
(Blast of the Tempest)

MBTI Personality Type: INTJ

Yes, I know I already mentioned my seven favorites AND a runner-up, but I need to mention just one more. Characters who are listed as “special mentions” in these posts are not listed because I find them particularly relatable in general. They don’t even have to be well-written or consistent characters. The only criteria is that at one point in my life, I had an incredibly powerful emotional connection to something this character expressed.

Yoshino is the main character in Blast of the Tempest. I don’t want to go on about him for very long, but one of the key points in his story is that his significant other suddenly died. Yoshino is a highly logical boy who does not generally show extreme emotions – even repressing normal, healthy reactions. But at one point in the series, Yoshino has a small breakdown, and that’s my favorite part in the whole anime. The grief that Yoshino expresses is tangible. It felt so good to me to be understood by this anime character. His words were exactly what I felt during a dark time. That’s why he’s the special mention for today.

Thanks for reading~

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