Top 10 Recommended 2017 Anime

Since these are my favorite anime series from 2017, they’re also the ones I recommend most to other people. I know I’ll be hailed as an anime heretic for not including MHA/ BnHA, but whatever, I’m a heretic through and through. This list goes from the worst to best, though I love them all, personally. For each entry, I’ll give you 3 reasons you might want to watch it.

10. Fate/Apocrypha

Why Watch?

1) It’s part of the Fate franchise. In terms of budget and quality of art, it can’t be compared to big-name Fate series, but in terms of story, characters, and sound, I find nothing lacking. Fate/Apocrypha is dark, thrilling, fantastical, and action-packed.

2) The MC started as a Homonculus and he wants to help others like him. I’m sick of the Fate franchise brutally killing all the Homunculus characters. It’s nice to have one as the champion of the show, finally. If you like to root for nonhuman characters, this is a must-see.

3) It has awesome characters like Saber of Red. She’s hot af, and played by Miyuki Sawashiro.

9. Gabriel Dropout

Why Watch?

1) It’s a comedy about angels and demons, so it’s a little bit like The Devil is a Part-Timer. Most of the angels are conniving brats or sadists, and the demons are so innocent they’re adorable.

2) The reaction images and character face expressions are top-notch. Memes as well.

3) Gabriel Dropout‘s characters are all great, but the one who brings out the most laughs for most viewers is Satania, self-proclaimed next ruler of the demon world, an obnoxious and yet frickin’ adorable loli demon. There’s also the angel Raphiel, a troll and loves to toy with Satania.

8. Gintama (Season 5)

Why Watch?

1) The budget is way higher for this season than maybe any other, and it’s terrific. The action scenes, music, and seriousness of this arc’s story, paired with the good old gag-filled Gintama comedy, are entertaining to no end. These fights are truly epic.

2) The (Japanese) voice-acting is amazing. Stars include Kugimiya Rei, Sugita Tomokazu, and Ishida Akira. All are amazing talents at the center of the seiyuu world.

3) This show is a continuation of Gintama, but you don’t need to watch hundreds of episodes to watch season 5. If you’re new to Gintama, pick just a few episodes from the first and third seasons to watch just to get to know the main characters and some of the gags. Since Gintama season 5 is only 13 episodes, you can watch it in just a few sittings and have that be your introduction to Gintama. It’s as good a place as any to get started.

7. Konohana Kitan

Why watch?

1. Fox girls (kitsune).

2. Shoujo ai/ yuri hints, suggestions, and yuri couples.

3. Beautiful art most of the time and a peaceful setting of a fantasy Japanese hotel/ bath house.

6. Alice and Zouroku

Why watch?

1. It’s a fantasy that can be serious or cute, dramatic or silly, alarming or heartwarming.

2. Alice has attitude but not as much attitude as the best anime grandpa ever, Zouroku.

3. There’s actually a really interesting explanation of what people like Alice really are and what the other world/ dimension is all about.

5. Natsume Yuujinchou (Season 6)

Why watch?

1) This is a continuation of the Natsume Yuujinchou series, so I recommend either taking this chance to go back and watch season one, or just start with season 6 as your introduction. You’ll miss a little bit of character history and introductions, but it’s ok to start anywhere in the series, since the plot is usually episodic, with helping or dealing with a new Youkai each episode.

2) It’s a peaceful and healing anime, with beautiful art, nature scenes, and color. There are some really sad parts and some really heart-warming parts. Natsume Yuunjinchou is also one of the best anime to watch stoned because the sense of peace and the artwork become more pronounced and soothing.

3) MC Natsume is voiced by Hiroshiya Kamiya, one of the most talented seiyuu I’ve ever heard.

4. Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

The questionisn’t even “Why watch?” anymore. It’s “What’s not to love?”

1. Shoujo ai/ yuri hints and pairings.

2. One of the most adorable “true loli” characters appears in this series: Kanna.

3. There’s a unique mix of a dragon character and a maid. Tohru is endearing and funny.

3. Shingeki no Kyojin (Season 2)

Why Watch?

1. Krista Lenz is a central character this season. If you loved seeing her occasionally in season one, it’s definitely worth it for you to watch season 2. If you’re like me and a serious fangirl of the yuri ship Krista x Ymir, you’ll love their relationship in season two.

2. If you paid close attention to everything in season one, and you do the same for this series, it’s possible to solve the primary mysteries of the SNK world without reading the manga. I think the mysery-building and solving aspects of season two is actually better than those in season one.

3. Because it’s Attack on Titan. You need to watch it. End of story. (It’s got action, unique concepts, monsters, cool characters, interesting characters, cute characters, mystery, suspense, and humor! And of course, tons of violence!)

2. Youjo Senki (Little Girl’s War Saga) (“Saga of Tanya the Evil”)

Why Watch?

This one definitely won’t be everyone’s idea of a good anime, but for me it was the best of 2017 in terms of interesting and thought-provoking content, and the voicing acting performance I liked best out of the whole year. (Aoi Yuki plays Tanya.) Here are 3 reasons you might like it.

1.) Do you like main characters that go nuts and get scary and freaky sometimes? Do you like angry lolis? Magic? War? Awesome, epic music? These are all great reasons to watch.

2) Do you like thought-provoking, philosophical, and/or psychological content? Youjo Senki has this in spades, in Tanya’s mental battle with the mysterious and evil Being X.

3) The dark humor and irony is hilarious throughout the series. I mean, it’s about a salaryman reincarnated as a tiny little cute golden-haired, blue-eyed girl. She is gifted with magic in this new world. Of course she’d go a little nuts with it and enjoy herself.

1. Made in Abyss

Why watch?

Again, why not watch? This was the anime of 2017 that captured me the most– my imagination, my heart, my mystery-seeking mind, and my approval as a hobbyist anime critic.

1) The main characters, Regu and Riko, are both adorable as can be.

2) The mystery of the Abyss is thought-provoking, the adventures are thrilling, and the many strange creatures encountered are fascinating!

3) Well, it’s a early perfect anime masterpiece, in my book. The story concept and structuring are outstanding. The art is excellent. The sound is perfect, with astounding music and great voice-acting. Made in Abyss also excels with its characters. I give the series a 9.0/10.

Now, go check out any of these that you missed!

(Please Note: I don’t own any of the images used in this post. All credit to original creators.)

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