Belated Mother’s Day Post: 8 Great Anime Moms

These are 8 of the 15 best moms in anime, in my humble opinion! I’d love to include moms like Haruhi’s mom from Ouran Highschool, but I’m only sticking to mothers that are/ were alive for most of the series. The list goes from my least to most favorite, though I love them all. Enjoy my picks, but just know that none of them are as awesome as my mom in reality!

8. Sanae Furukawa

From: Clannad and Clannad Afterstory (Nagisa’s mother)

My thoughts on Sanae: I don’t think it’s possible to watch Clannad and Afterstory without, over time, coming to love Sanae! One of the funniest things about her is how she works in a bakery but the bread and pastries she cooks are terrible. Her husband has to find a way to get them off the shelves without offending her, leading to him eating a lot of her awful bread. The most touching thing about Sanae is that she not only raised Nagisa well, but she also took in Ushio when there was no else to look after her. Sanae raised Ushio for five whole years before the girl’s father Tomoya was able to take her back and provide for her.

7. Yasuko Takasu

From: Toradora! (Ryuuji’s mother)

What I love about Yasuko: For one thing, she’s the hottest anime mom. While she’s not the best mother compared to some on this list in terms of “motherly” personalities, she does her best with the most important parts. The most important parts being that a mom loves her child with all her heart, and is right there if the child needs her. Not cleaning the house every day doesn’t mean one is a bad mom. Not cooking homemade meals doesn’t make one a bad mom. One can be a mom and still enjoy a social life and some good booze. As long as one loves and emotionally supports one’s child, one is not lacking as a mother.

6. Rea Amano

From: Mirai Nikki/ The Future Diary (Yuki’s mother)

Why Rea is awesome: she would probably be seen as an eccentric woman by traditional Japan, and she’d also be called an evil woman by the christian-based cult I grew up in. That’s what makes her the best. Her husband was stupid, got himself into a debt of 3 million yen, so Rea divorced him. She enjoys working full-time on graphic design and artwork at a gaming company. Often taking long trips away from home, Rea has a blast, and tries to make her son more independent and brave. When her son (Yuki) has a girl with him for the first time (Yuno), Rea spends a day getting to know her. Then she unabashedly gives permission for Yuki and Yuno to have sex, as long as they “save the babies for after marriage!” I frickin’ love this woman.

5. Mito Freecss

From: Hunter x Hunter 2011 (Gon’s adoptive mother)

Why I admire Mito: though we don’t get a lot of detail into her reasons for taking care of Gon or her individual personality, we know one thing for certain. Mito was unmarried and still a very young woman when she adopted Gon, who was only a baby. With some help from grandma, Mito raised a rambunctious boy without ever marrying. She did a fantastic job, with Gon turning out healthy, kind, and well-equipped for life. She made a fuss about it, but when it was time to let go, Mito knew it, and allowed Gon to leave the island and become a Hunter.

4. Touko Fujiwara

From: Natsume Yuujinchou (Natsume’s foster parent)

Why I Appreciate Touko: After a while of being foster parents, Touko and her husband Shigure decided to adopt Natsume. Since I love the character Natsume, that’s reason enough for me to love Touko, too. She is so kind to him, and more understanding and forgiving than anyone else who tried to take him in before. Throughout the seasons of Natstume Yuujinchou, Mrs. Fujiwara gets several very cute and memorable scenes of mothering Natsume. ❤

3. Tousen Shimogamo

From: Uchouten Kazoku /Eccentric Family (Mother of Shimogamo brothers)

Why Tousen is Awesome: Ok, if Tousen’s awesomeness were a pie graph, one third would be labeled “she’s hot as fuck in human form,” the next third would be labeled “she’s cute and fluffy in tanuki form,” and the final third would say: “she raised four sons.” Oh, you heard me. Tousen had her husband’s help raising the first two to young adulthood, but then he passed away, leaving one son still a kid and the other a toddler. Ms. Shimogamo did her best and took care of all the boys. They weren’t exactly the easy to care for types, either, so it’s good that Tousen has a patient, flexible personality. How would you react if your promoising second son decided to become a hermit and live inside a well for the rest of his life? xD

2. Junko Kaname

From: Magical Girl Madoka Magica (Madoka’s mother)

Why I Adore Madoka’s Mom: Here are a few reasons. 1) I love the voice actress who did her Japanese voice. 2) She’s charismatic, so well put together, attractive, and confident. I love seeing women like Junko. 3) It’s always great when an anime shows a non-traditional family, and this is the only case I know of where an anime shows a functional family with a stay-at-home dad and a breadwinning mom. 4) I adore Junko because of the good discussion she has with her daughter Madoka and the wise words she imparts in episode 6. It’s a beautiful mother-daughter scene!

1. Sachiko Fujinuma

From: Boku Dake ga Inai Machi /Erased (Satoru’s Mother)

Where do I even start with what makes Sachiko a badass mom? She has attitude and presence, and she teases Satoru in amusing ways, especially once he’s grown up. She understands her son Satoru so well. Sachiko is the farthest thing from a nagging mom, and she is the one who knows, supports, and trusts Satoru best in the world. With sharp intuition and instincts, she’s aware when Satoru is up to something. After clarifying that isn’t something “bad,” she steps away and waits until he is ready to talk and ask for help. When Satoru needs help sheltering Hinazuki, Sachiko agrees, and gets involved with the case to save the girl from abuse.

Alright then, last of all is the way Sachiko shows her ultimate, unconditional love. In the altered world timeline, she spends 13 entire years taking full-time care of the comatose Satoru. There is no guarantee that he’ll ever wake up, but this mom never gives up. When Satoru finally does awaken, he is told he will be able to walk and move normally again in a few months, all thanks to his mom keeping his muscles alive with PT during those long 13 years. Wow.

I hope you like this list of awesome anime moms! This has been Anime Rants! Ja ne!

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