Fruits Basket Episode 8 Thoughts

I spent most of Fruits Basket episode 8 thinking (and saying aloud): “No, Tooru! Bad, Tooru!” The thing about Tooru is she’s well-written, so even after her revelation of finding a place she belongs and being able to complain in episode 5, she still has a deep-rooted fear of troubling others. She’s still too selfless. If Tooru were an MBTI type, she’d be ENFJ, sometimes called “The Giver” type because they give all of themselves to others. They’re those people who are (to me) so nice that it’s unreal. I wonder not only why are they so nice, but also how it is possible for them to be.

Anyway, Tooru fell back into old habits (like a realistic character would), and ended up all alone for New Year’s for the very first time. In the end, Tooru’s friend Saki Hanajima finds Kyo and Yuki and gives them the nudge they need to go back home to Tooru. That girl acted too sacrificial again, but thanks to Hana, her sad holiday did a 180 and turned out to a blast with Kyo and Yuki. There isn’t too much else to say about this episode. Hmm. I’ll note a few things that I enjoyed.

Shigure is a troll who likes teasing Kyo and Yuki, watching them fight, and testing their reactions. His playful nature is very appropriate since he’s the dog of the zodiac. Speaking of the zodiac, we saw a character that Shigure called Haa-kun, and I don’t know yet what his real name is, but if he’s a zodiac animal, I’m betting he’s the ox. Why? Well, for one thing, because his voice is so calm and steady-sounding. For another, I half-remember there being a black-and-white-haired guy in the older version who was the cow/ox, but my memory is shit and no details come to mind.

I’m interested in why Akito is so obsessed with Yuki. I wonder if Kyo and Yuki skipping the banquet might have repercussions given what a brat Akito seems to be and how power and influence he seems to have in the Souma clan. I loved seeing Arisa Uotani, or Uo-chan, spending New Year’s Eve with her dad and being such a yankee-and-or-biker-girl character. She talks like a yakuza! Also, it was quite moving to see Tooru enjoying the sunrise with Kyo and Yuki.

So Fruits Basket episode 8 had a lot to entertain me, despite being a little furstrating because of Tooru falling back into her old habits. This is Anime Rants! Mata Ashita!

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