Bungou Stray Dogs Episode 8: The Masked Assassin

Please forgive the general disorder of my thoughts in this post. If you have a minute, let me know what you thought of this episode! I’d love to hear from you. And spoiler warning!!

As much as I’m enjoying Bungo Stray Dogs regardless, it’s about damn time the show got into some real action. The structure of the series has been a little disappointing. I loved the first four episodes and the way they were presented, but then we basically had 3 episodes that didn’t move the plot much at all, and didn’t quite seem to fit in, despite containing important character introductions and development. I think the makers of the series could have done that a little better. Anyways, in this eigth episode we finally have all the pieces in place for a major clash that will decide the future of the Port Mafia and the Detective Agency.

bungou stray dogs season 3 episode 8
bungou stray dogs season 3 episode 8

This episode, we learned more about Fyodor’s goals, though it’s all still a little foggy to me. Anyone who’s read the light novels probably has a much easier time following the anime, but I don’t really think it’s a good thing to have an anime too dependent on knowing the source material. That’s why Tokyo Ghoul seemed to have so many plot-holes and inconsistencies to general viewers when it came out. All that aside, Fyodor wants to obtain a magical, supernatural book wherein whatever is written will come to pass in reality. To write a world of paradise where people are not foolish or sinful is the dream of Fyodor. Here’s the part I’m not sure about. How does killing the Gifted, or the bosses of Gifted organizations, help him acquire that book?

bungou stray dogs fyodor

The visuals were patchy this episode, and have been for the last few episodes. They still look better to me than your average anime, because it looks like more of the content is drawn, and I like the particular stylization. What I mean by it being patchy are simple money saving measures like not filling in a character’s face when they are a certain distance from the camera and having a few awkward or cheaply drawn shots of characters from a distance. I was happy to see that the crowd around the car explosion was drawn/animated rather than CGI. As weird, but I still prefer flat, faceless people in to those slow-moving, completely out of place 3DCG people for crowds.

bungo stray dogs mori ougai
(Why is this image here? Because I love Mori.)

Who correctly guessed who was behind the attacks? I knew it was Fyodor, but I totally forgot about Nathaniel Hawthorne from the Guild and I wouldn’t have guessed he was the acting assassin even with careful inspection. As usual, I was impressed by Dazai’s sharp mind and his ability to figure out the mystery right away and find Fyodor. I was perhaps even more impressed by Fyodor and how far he planned things ahead. Even without any abilities, his intelligence, intuition, and strategic thinking make him a worthy oppnent. Dazai allowed himself to be shot because he couldn’t think of another way to get the information about the poison affecting the boss. Essentially, that means he was outwitted by Fyodor.

bungou stray dogs season 3 episode 8

I am really pumped for how this is going to turn out, with the Port Mafia trying to kill the Armed Detective Agency’s boss, and vice versa. The strongest members from each are being pitted against each other. I hope for some awesome action scenes next episode! In the meantime, beware of explosions and try not to land on your ass like Mori did. Ja ne!

(I’m not sure what to say about this given my crush on Mori)

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