Notice of Delay…

This is just a quick post to say I’m sorry about not having episode reviews up for One Punch Man 2nd Season or Carole and Tuesday even though it’s past time what I said on the schedule a few days ago. To be fair, it’s not really my fault. OPM episode 9 has been delayed a week because of some sports or something, I don’t really know. Carole ad Tuesday episode 9 hasn’t been posted on the sites I usually go to for streaming. I’ve also read that Fruits Basket will be delayed this week. I’m hoping Sarazanmai still shows on Crunchyroll today, and if so, I’ll have my episode review for it by tomorrow… probably.

(I don’t react well to schedule changes)

You see, it’s recently come to my attention that I’m not eating enough, and not healthily enough, especially given all the meds I have to make my body process. The thing is, I don’t have an eating disorder that I know of, and I’m not really concerned hardly at all about my weight. Yet I’m not eating and/or forgetting to eat. Guess I’m just a little dumb about these things. It doesn’t help that one of my medications makes things taste bland or bad to me. Anyway, given that the doctor said my body is in starvation mode and very fatigued, I might not be up for writing as much. You guys are great so I know you’ll understand.

Anyway I’ll be right as rain as long as I actually eat meals like a normal person and snacks with my meds. I’ll be back up to speed soon. Oh, also note: I do have my 30 day anime challenge post still scheduled for tonight. Alright, Ja ne!

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