One Punch Man 2nd Season Episode 9 Review

One Punch Man 2 episode 9 brought back the humor after episode 8’s more serious tone. It’s a breath of fresh air to have Saitama back in action, being the One Punch Man we love (even me, who didn’t used to be much of a fan). That being said, and although two monsters plus Garou were defeated, there still didn’t seem to be a enough action to satisfy me. Yet, episode 9 pretty much made up for the lack by including so much comedy. So many moments this episode brought a smile to my face or made me chuckle.

The funniest part was probably when Sonic made a fancy–and kinda nasty– cooked meal out of the monster cell he was given. Other really humorous parts were the way that naked fighter hero hugged the monster to death, the part where Saitama says he can’t remember Bakuzan just before killing him, and the bit about the gorilla.

A few things about the art/animation, and something about the music stood out to be this episode, in positive ways. The (mostly piano) music piece that plays during the talk between King and Saitama was nice and soothing. I had been having a hard time relaxing and paying attention, but after hearing the tune, I calmed down and was able to focus a little more. I also really like opening song by this time; I didn’t like it much at first, so I guess it’s an acquired taste. There was no ED this episode so I can’t revisit my feelings on that.

(Really? You’re kind of freaking me out)

As for art, I like the parts where Saitama puts on his serious face, or when he changes emotions suddenly like he did after King said he’d play a video game with a handicap. I like the way the monster cells look because they’re gross and, well, monstrous. As always, I love the character design for Sonic; he is so hot and sexy. I really thought he might turn into a monster there for a minute, though. The brief fight Sonic had with the two monsters in the woods was exciting and well-animated.

Regarding characters, I’m glad that Suiryu is alright, or at least surviving, and that he has a dream/ambition now. The most interesting part of the episode to me, and the best part for character development, was the talk between Saitama and King. It’s about how Saitama feels he can’t get any stronger, he can’t “grow” anymore, and he feels terribly bored. King gives him some great advice, which is somewhat surprising, and quite amusing. I don’t want to spoil it more than that though.

The story is still moving pretty slowly. Viewers who are hungry for action might not have appreciated this episode much, but I don’t know. Many have said this I’m sure, but it’s a disappointing case of bad narrative to have the story start off all about Garou and then veer off in another direction entirely. Most likely, defeating the Monster Association will take up episodes 10-11, and episode 12 will focus on Garou again and have him finish his character arc. Or, the events might happen in the reverse order, with Garou first. Anyway, the story is great for the most part, but it does have some shortcomings.

(Mmm, fresh monster cell meat!)

All in all, this was an enjoyable episode. Thank you so much for reading. Ja, ne!

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